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Amazon cuts the price on this iRobot Roomba by $120, today only

If you’ve been debating whether to buy a Roomba robot vacuum but were hesitating because of the price tag, today might be the day to take the plunge. Amazon’s Deals of the Day for Tuesday include the iRobot Roomba 671 for only $230, some $120 off the normal price. This is about $40 cheaper than we’ve seen it anywhere else.

iRobot recently released the 675, the newest model of this particular line, which adds new dirt-detecting sensors. As a result, the 671’s are going on sale at deeper and deeper discounts, giving those of us with shallower pockets a great opportunity to pick up a top-tier entry-level robot vacuum.

The 671 is missing dirt detection technology as we mentioned above, but you’ll still get a decent clean out of it thanks to dual multi-surface brushes and an edge-sweeping brush. And you’ll still get iRobot’s iAdapt Navigation with a full suite of sensors that comes in its midrange models.

In a lot of other entry-level robots, we’ve noticed intelligent navigation is lacking. If your vacuum isn’t taking an optimal path through the room, chances are it’s also not cleaning as well as it should. iAdapt uses the robot’s sensors to make a map of the room while it vacuums, making sure every nook and cranny is passed over along its route.

The Roomba 671 has a run time of about 90 minutes, and you can schedule when the Roomba should run, and after it’s done it will automatically return to its charger. It is also controllable via app and Alexa — something other entry-level robot vacuums often don’t include.

Should you want a little more control, iRobot has several options, which Amazon has special offers on. One step up is the Roomba 690, which is on sale on Amazon for $279. With that model you gain the ability to create invisible walls to keep your robot in a specific area (or conversely, out of specific areas). Stepping up to the midrange Roomba 960 gives you five times the suction, with the ability to recharge and resume cleaning an entire floor at a time. Right now, the 960 is $200 off, and only $499 at Amazon.

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