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This is the best Prime Day smart home deal under $10

Smart LED strips light up a set of shelves in a purple hue while someone controls the color on a smartphone.

Prime Day kicked off today, and the deals are flooding in. If you want to use Prime Day to bring your home into the 21st century, Prime Day smart home deals are the way to do it. Today, Merkury Smart LED Light Strips are only $8 at Walmart, . That’s the best Prime Day smart home deal under $10 that we’ve found so far. Grab it before the sale ends.

Why you should buy these Smart LED strip lights

Light strips will drastically change the mood of any room. There are a lot of different techniques for how to decorate your home with light strips, and it varies based on what room you want to set up. Merkury makes the process pretty simple. Each pack comes with six-and-a-half feet of LEDs. Just plug them into the wall and hide the LED strip somewhere inconspicuous. The bottoms of shelves, just behind a couch, or around the ceiling are good options. Then you connect to the smartphone app and adjust all the colors right on your phone. Switch from a moody blue to a romantic red at the touch of a finger.

Another popular option is setting them up around your home theater. If you set them up in your TV room, you can choose a lighting setting that matches the mood of the film or show. It creates a more immersive experience than just turning the lights off. Imagine watching the newest season of Netflix’s Stranger Things, but your whole room matches the color of the Upside Down. Some of the best LED light strips will actually sync with your television and automatically match colors with what’s happening on the screen. This is called bias lighting. Unfortunately, Merkury is a bit more of a budget option than that. But setting one consistent color works great for any movie or show that relies heavily on building an atmosphere.

Crazy colors aren’t the only use for Merkury light strips. You can always set them to be normal white light and use them at workbenches or as night lights. Merkury lets you adjust the brightness of the strip along with the color. They’re also weather resistant, so you can set them up on a porch or deck. Instagram lovers will unlock a million new options for aesthetic lighting if they use LED light strips for photography.

This deal on Merkury smart LED light strips is the best Prime Day smart home deal we’ve found under $10. Discounts like this are what make Prime Day deals so awesome. Check them out at Walmart before the sale ends.

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