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Become a cryptocurrency master with these online Bitcoin courses

Almost everyone has heard of Bitcoin by now, especially given its surprising (although short-lived) move past $20,000 late last year. That growth garnered headlines across the globe and sent many people scrambling to buy up some of this strange cryptocurrency. Many of these amateur investors probably ended up disappointed – as of today, Bitcoin is hovering around $9,000 to $10,000 – but this is still impressive given that a single Bitcoin cost only a few cents in 2010.

Ironically, this volatility makes Bitcoin more attractive to many investors (not to mention the potential of blockchain technology, which is fascinating by itself). Before you jump in, however, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the particulars of Bitcoin; although many standard investing fundamentals apply, crypto is a very different animal than stocks. We’ve rounded up a number of online Bitcoin courses from Udemy and the DT Shop – including a couple that won’t cost you a dime – to help you get started.

Bitcoin or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto

online Bitcoin courses

Made by veteran members of the Bitcoin community, this beginner’s course covers all the basics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Eight hours of material will teach you everything you need to know to get started, from the nature of the Bitcoin economy to how cryptocurrency is actually used in real transactions. It’s also completely newbie-friendly and aimed at people who have no computer expertise or prior experience with Bitcoin.

Best of all, this course is totally free from Udemy; if you learn a bit about Bitcoin and decide it’s not really your bag, then you’re not on the hook for a single cent.

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Step-By-Step Cryptocurrency Investment Course + eBook

online Bitcoin courses

Once you’ve got the Bitcoin basics down, it’s time to learn the fundamentals of investing in cryptocurrencies. This course will teach you all about the tools you need to get started, from wallets to online exchanges, as well as different research methods, risk-management techniques, trading strategies, and more.

This basic, beginner-friendly course is also free, so you can get started building your Bitcoin investor’s toolbox without having to spend anything.

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Certified Bitcoin Professional: Pass The Certification Exam

online Bitcoin courses

After you’ve studied the basics of cryptocurrency, you’ll want to move into more advanced territory to fully master the skills necessary for successful investing. This online Bitcoin course will help you pass the Certified Bitcoin Professional exam, which, along with giving you advanced knowledge, will grant you a certification that is recognized throughout the huge (and growing) cryptocurrency community – a great thing to have whether you plan to become a successful investor, an entrepreneur, or even a Bitcoin educator yourself.

The course includes three hours of educational material, as well as 75 practice questions, to get you ready for the exam. Like all of the paid Udemy courses in our roundup, this lesson is also on sale for just $12 right now, saving you $88.

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Cryptocurrency: Complete Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins

online Bitcoin courses

Bitcoin is the big dog in the cryptocurrency pack, but it’s not the only one out there. Bitcoin’s success, popularity, and technological novelty has led to the creation of other cryptocurrencies, colloquially referred to as “altcoins” (i.e. Bitcoin alternatives), that are popular investment vehicles for tech-savvy traders. Just as with stocks, a successful crypto investor should have a diverse portfolio, so it’s a good idea to learn about different altcoins and how to implement them into your investment strategy.

This $12 course will teach you a bit about popular altcoins like Ethereum and Ripple, how to get started with them, and how to incorporate these, along with Bitcoin, into your own portfolio in accordance with your personal goals and risk tolerance.

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Cryptocurrency Never Losing Formula — Bitcoin Trading Robot

online Bitcoin courses

Computers and the internet haven’t only given normal people easier ways to invest, these technologies have also given rise to new tools and strategies to help us do research, implement trading strategies, and mitigate risk. One way to do this is through trading algorithms, which you set up to automatically execute transactions within defined parameters (such as stop/loss orders, in which a holding will be immediately sold if it dips below a certain price).

For only $12, this lesson will teach you how to use a “robot” to create a semiautomated algorithmic Bitcoin trading system that will help you analyze trends, cut your losses, and free you from having to babysit your portfolio constantly.

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#1 Cryptocurrency Long-term Investment Opportunity 2017/2018

online Bitcoin courses

You probably don’t see cryptocurrencies as a long-term investment given their general volatility compared to stocks and mutual funds, but can these digital coins be a viable addition to your retirement fund? You might be surprised – or maybe you won’t be, considering how much Bitcoin has grown in value over the past seven years. You won’t see an index fund do that.

New altcoins are popping up quite frequently now, and this $12 Udemy course will show you how to spot promising up-and-comers, get your foot in the door early, and maintain the right mind-set for holding your position to reap long-term gains (without panic- selling and eating your losses). The instructor, a seasoned crypto veteran, also shares his current favorite long-term investment opportunity.

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The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mastery Bundle

online Bitcoin courses

If you’re more of a one-stop shopper (and you love to save money, which of course you do), then we have some great online Bitcoin course package deals going right now. The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mastery Bundle runs the gamut, starting with the basics of Bitcoin before moving onto more advanced crypto trading and investment strategies. By the time you’re done with the first five lessons, you’ll be more than ready to tackle the sixth: the Bitcoin professional certification exam course.

This six-lesson bundle, available on the DT Shop, gives you more than 22 hours of content and will only set you back $29.

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The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Bundle

online Bitcoin courses

Our second package of online Bitcoin courses is more focused on Bitcoin trading and even features a lesson on Ethereum, another extremely popular altcoin that has come onto the scene lately. You’ll study the fundamentals of crypto investing, master different trading platforms, learn how to read and navigate the markets, gain a deep understanding of blockchain technology, and learn how to use Ethereum and Steemit (a crypto-focused social media platform) to turn a tidy profit.

This five-lesson, nine-hour bundle is the one to buy if you’re serious about getting into the crypto trading scene, and comes in at just $24 from the DT Shop.

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