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15 unique pet gifts to stuff in your four-legged friend’s Christmas stocking

There are so many people to shop for during the holiday season, but you can’t forget about your four-legged friend either. If you don’t already spoil your pet throughout the year, the holidays offer the perfect excuse to show the world just what a crazy cat or dog parent you are, with no guilty feelings attached. Even if you don’t own a pet there’s probably someone in your life that would appreciate a gift to their fur child. Take a look at these cute pet stocking stuffers for dogs and cats to bring in some extra joy this Christmas year.

Pet gifts for your dog

Don’t scramble for a gift at the pet store when you can have it shipped to your home before Christmas. Whether you’re looking for a cute pet gift or a handy tool for your dog, these stocking stuffer gifts will go a long way. Your dog gives you unconditional love every day of the year so why not indulge them a little during the holidays with more than just a basic bone or treat. If you shop now you can get all these gifts before the Christmas holiday.

Illumiseen LED Dog Collar — $19

Make sure your dog is safe from vehicles, bikers, and pedestrians at night with this LED collar, especially if you own a black lab. This LED dog collar is rechargeable and available in six different sizes and colors.

Illumiseen LED Dog Collar

Interactive Treat Dispensing Puzzle Chew Toy — $16

Treats for your dogs probably disappear within a second. This treat chew toy is a great gift to slow down your dog from devouring expensive treats, plus it will keep them occupied for a long time.

Interactive Treat Dispensing Puzzle Chew Toy

Dog Water Bottle and Travel Bowl — $12

This 25 oz dog water bottle by H2O4K9 is designed especially for dogs when you need to hydrate them during long walks. Never let your dog get thirsty with this water bottle cooler.

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Interactive Treat Dispensing Toy — $20

The Kong Wobbler will keep your dog happy and entertained during the winter when they can’t be outside for too long. This toy is dishwasher safe so you can re-use it as many times as you’d like.

Interactive Treat Dispensing Toy

Chuckit! Max Glow Ball — $6

This ball is so durable that it can handle your dogs bites and it glows super bright so you won’t lose it anywhere you play fetch.

Chuckit! Max Glow Ball

Fetch Harness — $40

If you have an active dog and own a GoPro camera this harness is perfect for capturing your dog’s point of view in video. If you order on the GoPro website you can receive free two-day shipping.

Buy at GoPro

Pet gifts for your cat

If you don’t have time to get to the pet store you can always rely on Amazon to have your order in just a matter of days. The purrfect stocking stuffer for your cat can be a variety of toys, balls, strings, and of course catnip toys. If you want to keep your cat happy and entertained check out some of the cat gifts below.

Midlee Cat Christmas Stocking with Toys — $13

If you want to spread some extra holiday cheer this year grab these 14 Christmas-themed toys.

Midlee Cat Christmas Stocking with Toys

Fling-Ama-String Cat Toy — $34

Moody Pet’s battery-operated strong-fling machine will keep your kitty entertained all day. Just attach this toy to any door in your home and your cat’s natural instinct to hunt will be fully satisfied.

Fling-Ama-String Cat Toy

SmartyKat Madcap Mania Refillable Catnip Cat Toy — $3

Do you love giving your cat some catnip? This refillable catnip toy will have your feline rolling on the ground happily with its toy.

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SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy Concealed Motion Toy — $14

This durable and fun toy will never have your cat bored again. It changes directions constantly to keep your cat on its paws.

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy Concealed Motion Toy

Hartz Just For Cats Cat Toy Variety Pack — $4

These 13 assorted toys will have your cat set for the holidays and for a great price, too. The fuzzy balls will surely have your cat entertained for hours.

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Pet gifts for your cat or dog

Pet Christmas gifts offer the perfect opportunity to keep up on your dogs needs. Man’s best friend requires hygienic care to help them live a happy and long life. Check out some cool pet toys that work as tools to help keep them clean and healthy. Unless you own a Sphynx cat, your cat will need some grooming care as well and these tools can help.

Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool — $25

This genius pet shower spray and scrubber can be used to help shower your cat or dog while grooming them at the same time. It works for your shower bathtub or outside garden hose to help alleviate the showering process.

Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool

Self Cleaning Slicker Brush — $16

This brush by Petio Basics is an ergonomic non-slip handle built for easy pet grooming for your cat or dog. It gently removes all your pet’s tangled matted fur to help reduce shedding. Your pet will thank you for the soft brushing.

Buy at Amazon

Candy Cane Tube – 2.24 Oz. — $10

These eight treats by Greenies Dental Chews will be a treat for your dog while also controlling bad breath and cleaning plaque and tartar buildup.

Candy Cane Tube – 2.24 Oz.

H&H Pets Professional Dog & Cat Finger Toothbrush — $7

These little finger toothbrushes work on cats and dogs so that you can keep your pet’s teeth on check. The bristles won’t hurt them and they are effective for daily brushing.

H&H Pets Professional Dog & Cat Finger Toothbrush

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