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The best VPN just went on sale: Here’s why you need it

While you’ve been browsing online, you’ve probably seen a lot of ads for VPN services. They typically suggest how essential it is that you have one, but they’re not always clear about why a VPN is so important to the average user. We get it. It’s intimidating, right? If you know you definitely want a VPN, then we’ve got good news for you. We’ve already evaluated the best VPN services out there and rated Private Internet Access as the best VPN service of 2020. It’s well-priced, offers plenty of servers, and is consistently speedy. Even better, there’s a great offer exclusively for Digital Trends readers right now. This special offer saves you 82% off plus two months free for just $2 a month. Keep on reading, and we’ll explain exactly what that all means and why you need a VPN.

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What is a VPN?

VPN or virtual private network isn’t the most user-friendly term out there. We’ve taken a deep dive into what a VPN actually is but if you simply want a refresher, we’ve got you covered here too. Essentially, a VPN allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the internet. It means you have a go-between between you and the website you’re trying to browse, making it hard for potentially nefarious sources (or companies) to be able to see what you’re doing and from where. Without a VPN, you’re advertising your location to the world as you browse online. It’s like walking around the street shouting out personal information about yourself. You wouldn’t share your home address with the world right?

Why Private Internet Access is so useful

In a world where increasing numbers of us are doing everything online due to the pandemic — from working, gaming, taking online classes, or even jsut accessing our online banking — a VPN is an essential tool for ensuring that no one can trace your activities back to you. Using a VPN means you can browse online, safe in the knowledge that there’s an extra level of protection between you and anyone trying to spy on you or steal your information.

The extra layer of protection offers other benefits too, such as the ability to circumvent geo-restrictions. This means you can access another country’s Netflix library, for instance. It also means in some countries, you’re able to avoid local censorship restrictions, enabling you to see the full wealth of the internet. Private Internet Access also has a kill switch button and 10,000 plus severs in over 70 countries.

However you plan on using a VPN, they’re typically very easy to set up too, and it’s really worth doing, providing you pick the right VPN for you.

Here’s why you should choose Private Internet Access

So, now you know you need a VPN. It’s the smart move after all. But why Private Internet Access? We found it to be the best VPN service that we tested. It offers pretty much all the features you could want from an effective VPN plus more.

Ultimate security: Private Internet Access blocks ads, trackers, and malware so you get a superior browsing experience at all times. Private Internet Access VPN follows a strict no-logs policy. While many VPN services claim to not collect logs, Private Internet Access has been tested and proven in two separate court cases. Which means your activity is never recorded while you’re using the app.

Price: It’s cheap. A monthly subscription only costs $11.95 but there are some great offers for making that even lower if you’re willing to commit to an annual or three-year subscription. Oftentimes, you’ll end up only paying the equivalent of a few bucks a month for the service, meaning it’s great value. Free VPNs may be available but they’re frequently highly insecure and unreliable so Private Internet Access is the perfect way of only spending a little on a premium service. Even better, up to 10 devices can use the VPN simultaneously, making it super useful for the whole household.

High speed: Besides protecting your data at all times and providing a proxy so no one knows your location, Private Internet Access also offers high speeds. Because there’s an additional layer of protection in there, some VPNs can be quite slow. That’s not the case with Private Internet Access with our tests finding it consistently maintaining only slightly slower speeds than our standard connection.

Bandwidth: The features keep on coming too. Private Internet Access also offers unlimited bandwidth so you don’t have to worry about running out of data when downloading numerous files. It also supports torrenting — one of the main reasons why many people use VPNs — and it never collects traffic logs.

Easy to set up: Finally, if you’re worried that this sounds complicated, there’s no need. Private Internet Access has a simple to use app that neatly slots onto your computer’s taskbar so it isn’t even intrusive. Setup takes seconds, so it’s far from intimidating.

Ways you can use a VPN

A VPN like Private Internet Access is perfect for keeping you more secure online and enabling you to browse the web privately but there’s a lot more that can be gained from using a VPN. Here’s how it works.

One of the most popular options is how a VPN enables you to circumvent geo-restrictions. In simple terms, that means you can pretend you’re in a different location than you actually are. This is great for users in countries that have restrictive censorship regimes online, allowing them to browse websites that might otherwise be restricted.

It also means that you can potentially access other streaming libraries. For instance, you could switch your VPN location to the U.K. and browse the U.K. version of Netflix. It’s also possible to do this with other services such as Disney+, ESPN, and Hulu, opening up a world of extra streaming options.

In addition, you’re protected while torrenting files. Because of how P2P torrenting works, much of your existence online is exposed to other torrent users and that can be a concern. By using a VPN, you hide your location, ensuring you retain anonymity.

Finally, for those times when you are outside again, a VPN adds a layer of protection when browsing online via a public Wi-Fi hotspot. It’s not advisable to check your online banking, for instance, while connected to a public Wi-Fi network but if you’re connected via a VPN, it’s safe to do so.

A VPN is essential for everyone

A VPN service might have once seemed like something only a small percentage of the population needed but times have changed. We’re all online more than ever before, and often doing far more important and security-conscious things than in the past too. It’s simply good sense to make sure that you and your data are always safe when online. When you sign up for Private Internet Access, you receive VPN service for three years (plus two months free) for just $79. That’s just a few bucks a month ($2.08 to be exact) and 30 days money back guarantee. It’s worth signing up for Private Internet Access, ensuring you’re always secure and not at risk.

Try out Private Internet Access VPN

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