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XGIMI has the best gifts for Dads of All Kinds, and Here’s Why

There are some gifts you can get Dad for the holidays that are always going to be a win, no matter what. It doesn’t matter if Dad is a sports fan, movie buff, or gamer, a reliable projector is almost always going to go down as one of the best gifts, possibly ever received. Authentic home theater setups are equal parts awesome and captivating, especially when paired with the staple snacks — a la popcorn and a cold beverage. Unfortunately, projectors and more genuine home theater devices are quite expensive, which often means they’re not going to fit the budget. That’s not so with XGIMI’s lineup of excellent home theater projectors. What’s more, they offer a host of models, each with a unique spin, meaning there’s something available for every type of Dad.

The best part is that many of those XGIMI projectors are on sale right now, as part of the holiday and Christmas discounts. You can get an awesome deal, while also giving Dad one of the best gifts of the year. XGIMI’s HORIZON Pro, a 4K Android TV-enabled projector, will include an X-GIMI Floor Stand Pro bundled with it during the promotion period — a $199 value. You can always check out XGIMI’s lineup for yourself below, or keep reading to learn more about some of the top picks!

Best for Movie Lovers – HORIZON Pro

Dad watching a movie with XGIMI Horizon Pro projector on table.

Why: This 4K-ready smart projector creates a gorgeous and ultra-bright screen, with 8.29 million pixels of greatness. It also includes an advanced image engine and intelligent screen adaption technologies.

The XGIMI HORIZON Pro is for true cinemaphiles and high-resolution purists. It offers a crystal clear 4K resolution picture with support for HDR10 at a smooth 60Hz refresh rate. It also has autofocus, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and intelligent screen alignment, plus the X-Vue 2.0 powerful image engine. Harman-Kardon premium sound also supports DTS and Dolby Audio. The Android TV 10.0 streaming platform offers support for a bevy of apps and services, right out of the box.

Best for Gamer Dads – Elfin

XGIMI Elfin projector used to play games.

Why: This projector delivers a stunning FHD picture with 800 ANSI Lumens of brightness. That, combined with a low-latency game mode, keeps the onscreen action smooth and immersive.

Intelligent screen alignment? Check. Auto keystone correction and autofocus? Check. Intelligent obstacle avoidance? Check. This FHD projector, the XGIMI Elfin, is sleek and quaint, but powerful to boot! It supports MEMC, HDR10+, and has Harman-Kardon premium sound speakers. It also outputs 800 ANSI Lumens of brightness for a vibrant display. More importantly, the low-latency game mode brings response time down to 26.5ms which is impressive for a projector. The Android TV 10.0 streaming platform is built-in, as well.

Best for the Family Dad – Halo

Family watching a movie in kids bedroom with XGIMI Halo projector.

Why: There are a couple of reasons why this is the perfect projector gift for family Dads. It’s portable so Dad can plop it down anywhere, even at the in-laws. It supports phone mirroring via Chromecast so Dad can show off his favorite pictures!

Android TV, EasyShare, and an effortless setup make this portable but powerful little guy an excellent match for the family man who loves to share and show off photos and videos. The high-capacity battery offers up to 4 hours of movie-watching on the go. It creates a screen up to 300-inches in size, with 600 to 800 ANSI Lumens of brightness, and at a true 1080P HD resolution, with support for 4K content. Premium sound by Harman-Kardon is also available, so Dad doesn’t have to carry a set of speakers — it’s all built into the projector!

Best for On-the-Go Dads – MoGo Pro+

Dad watching movie outside on XGIMI Mogo Pro Plus with candles.

Why: The MoGo Pro Plus is portable, lightweight, features premium sound by Harman-Kardon, and has an integrated stand and built-in battery. As if that wasn’t enough, it also has the Android TV ecosystem built-in for streaming, Chromecast support, and more.

The MoGo Pro+ features “true cinematic projection” on a screen up to 100-inches in size. It includes auto keystone correction, autofocus, the Android TV streaming platform — with thousands of apps — and phone mirroring via Chromecast. The built-in battery offers hours of use on the go, and if no internet is available, you can store content on the 2GB + 16GB of onboard memory — it holds up to 10 movies or 1,000 songs. The integrated stand means it can be set up anywhere. What’s more, it weighs just under 2-pounds so you can store it in a handbag, backpack, luggage, or even suitcase.

Best for Frugal Dads – MoGo Pro

XGIMI MoGo Pro projector being used poolside at home.

Why: You don’t have to break the bank to get Dad squared away, besides we all know he’d be super proud of your frugality!

While it may be one of the most affordable projectors on the list, the MoGo Pro certainly does not sacrifice features or quality. It offers true cinematic projection on a screen up to 100-inches in size, at a 1080P resolution, with 300 ANSI Lumens of brightness. It has the Android TV streaming platform built-in, with Chromecast and Google Assistant voice controls. Finally, the speakers provide premium sound from Harman-Kardon. Dad will love it, but most of all, he’ll love that you didn’t spend too much!

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