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Roborock’s S7 is the best way to vacuum and mop, with no effort

There are smart vacuums, and then there are smart robot vacuums equipped with the power of sound, or more specifically, sonic vibration technology. Roborock’s S7 fits that bill, as it’s a multi-function, smart robotic device. It’s a vacuum, a sonic mop, and it auto empties its dustbin, allowing it to clean autonomously for up to eight weeks without the need to empty anything. How is that possible, you ask? You can get an [optional] auto-empty dock that helps remove the contents of the dustbin between cleanings. Plus, it’s from Roborock, a definite trendsetter in the smart home cleaning and smart home devices market.

The intelligent system can vacuum, mop, and swap between the two modes without creating a mess. For example, while mopping, when the vacuum moves over a carpet, the mop is lifted out of the way. That stops the carpet from getting wet and dirty but also prevents nasty spills and streaks around the edges. We’ll dive more into the details, and additional features, below, so keep reading if you want to learn more. Otherwise, you can check out the Black Friday deal that’s live — until November 29th — which drops 30% off the full price of the Roborock S7. That means you can get it for $455, instead of the normal price, at $650. That’s a fantastic discount of $195, and it’s also the lowest price the S7 has ever been.

The ingenuity of the Roborock S7

Family in living room with Roborock S7 cleaning.

While the list of features is long, there are 3 major elements of the S7 worth highlighting: the Sonic Mopping, the mop lifting, and the powerful performance.

Sonic Mopping

The average robot vacuum uses traditional suction to remove debris, dust, and dirt. But the S7 is an advanced vacuum, featuring one of the fastest sonic mops on the market, capable of scrubbing up to 3,000 times per minute. It’s so fast, it effectively disintegrates dirt, and scours the disgusting bits off the floor.

Not to mention, the 580g of mopping pressure is approximately double that of previous Roborock robot vacuums with the same technology. So, users can expect a much deeper and more efficient clean than ever.

Mop Lifting

Perhaps one of the coolest features of the S7 is the mop lifting functionality, thanks to the patented VibraRise™ technology. It automatically lifts the mop when carpets or rugs are detected, that way the fibers are not soaked or sullied. The mop also lifts when it’s returning to its dock, or even when it’s navigating challenging areas. This significantly enhances the lifting system, ensuring the robot vacuum avoids wetting fragile floors or surfaces.

Just in case it wasn’t clear, the S7 can mop hard floors, and vacuum carpets, in just a single cleaning session, without any interruptions. That includes returning to its dock to empty the dustbin of debris and whatever it catches. You don’t have to do a thing, throughout the entire process, as the vacuum is intelligent enough to clean, return to its dock, and continue time and time again.

Powerful Performance

Robot vacuums often suffer from poor performance, or rather poor suction, which means they don’t clean as well as you’d expect. That’s not the case here, as the S7 is outfitted with a strong motor, that delivers powerful 2500Pa of suction. That allows it to effortlessly clear dirt and debris, and lift it even from deep within the crevices of thick carpets.

The upgraded main brush hugs the ground, creating more effective agitation to remove nasties and debris. It deep cleans the coverage area, resulting in a truly spotless floor — or carpet! What’s more, the extra-large 5200mAh battery is capable of powering the vacuum for up to 3 hours of uninterrupted cleaning — when in quiet mode. You’re lucky to get half of that time with comparable models. Powerful performance, in this case, is an understatement.

Roborock’s Auto-Empty Dock is the real star of the show

The Roborock S7+ with Auto-Empty Dock with vacuum docked.

What truly makes the 8-week timeline possible is Roborock’s Auto-Empty Dock. The S7 returns to its dock to charge, but also to empty the dustbin, which is ejected into a built-in reservoir within the dock. The automatic emptying feature makes the robot vacuum more convenient than ever, certainly more convenient than its peers. Rather than requiring you to empty the dustbin after every run, it becomes an occasional chore when the dock is full.

The dustbin is HEPA rated, which means it filters and traps 99.99% of allergens and airborne pollutants, keeping your home dust-free and allergen-free. It also allows for an incredibly fast and easy, hands-free debris disposal process.

You’d think an entire system, so powerful, and so convenient, would cost an arm and a leg, but that’s not so. Even better, Roborock is hosting some fantastically-low Black Friday sales, which slashes 30% off the list price. You can grab the S7, right now, for $455 with free shipping. That’s not just a heck of a price, it’s the largest discount ever on this particular model. While the S7+ is running low on stock, there is an alternative so you don’t miss out on these great deals! Customers can instead grab the S7 robot vacuum and the Auto-Empty Dock (AED) separately.

Let’s talk about Roborock’s excellent alternatives

While the S7 robot vacuum and the Auto-Empty Dock are definitely top choices, they’re not the only smart vacuums, or mops, that Roborock offers. The S4 Max and the E4 Mop are worth looking at, as well, especially since they’re also on sale for Black Friday and the holidays!

S4 Max Robot Vacuum

Roborock S4 Max robot vacuum

The S4 Max combines intelligent LiDAR navigation technology with a powerful 2000Pa suction power to create a highly capable and efficient cleaning machine. It’s Wi-Fi-connected, which means you can use the mobile app to configure settings, create no-go zones, and much more. It even syncs with Alexa and Google Home so you can issue voice commands.

The S4 Max is also discounted, at 34% or $150 off the normal price, which is $430. While the deal is live, you can get it for $280 with free shipping.

E4 Mop Robot Vacuum and Cleaner

Roborock's E4 Mop and Robot Vacuum to clean your home.

If you’re looking for the combination cleaning — the vacuum and mop — then the E4 Mop is your next best choice! It features a 200-minute runtime, on a single charge, carpet boost technology, total app control, and 2000Pa suction power. It also syncs up with Alexa and Google Assistant to allow voice controls. Not to mention, you can configure a host of options in the mobile app, like defining a cleaning schedule.

Finally, the E4 Mop and robot vacuum is 42% off, right now, or discounted by $160. What would normally cost you $380, will now cost $220 with free shipping. It’s time to get that floor of yours cleaned up!

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