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Keep your devices powered up with the Ravpower portable charger, now $70 off

RavPower portable charger
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If you’re out and about more now that the weather is warm and you find yourself frequently checking the battery levels on your mobile devices, then it might be time to consider a power bank. A good one like this Ravpower portable charger  is the perfect pocket companion to keep your tech up and running when you’re on the move.

True to its name, Ravpower makes some of the best and most popular portable power solutions available today. Unlike many units, which only offer 10,000 or 12,000mAh of juice and one or two ports, this power bank features a generous 22,000mAh internal battery and three USB connections for charging multiple devices simultaneously.

The 22,000mAh battery packs enough power to recharge your phones and tablets several times over: The device can fully charge a standard-sized smartphone roughly eight or nine times, a large phone five to six times, and a tablet two or three times. The three USB ports provide an output of 5.8A (up to 2.4A per connected device) which, when combined with iSmart 2.0 technology, delivers snappy charging speeds.

The power bank’s housing is made of a durable fire-resistant polymer and Ravpower uses the same OEM batteries used in many brand-name electronics including iPhones. Included with the portable charger are a convenient carrying pouch along with two Micro USB charging cables, and the unit is covered by a lifetime warranty.

The 22,000mAh Ravpower portable charger retails for $110, but a 64 percent discount knocks $70 off the price on Amazon, meaning you can now score this Ravpower portable charger . For a limited time, you can enjoy even more savings when you buy this power bank together with Ravpower’s 16-watt solar charger. Add both to your cart from the power bank’s Amazon page and take 30 percent off the solar charger for an additional savings of $14.

$40 on Amazon

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Growatt VITA 550 power station carried around outdoors for camping.

This content was produced in partnership with Growatt.
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Pre-Order Now
As a solar leader, Growatt has 11 years of experience in the new energy industry, and has supported over three million individuals and families. Growatt's newest product, the VITA 550 features some impressive specs on that front. For example, the 240 watt input support is one of the highest solar intake options in the 500 watt-hour capacity range. It also charges super fast thanks to the 2.5-hour rated charging times via solar, thanks to the high solar input. Most importantly, the 99% MPPT technology delivers a very low conversion loss making the solar generation for the system much more efficient and capable.

We've all run into the situation of needing to charge one or more of our portable electronic devices, only to be nowhere near a power source. It's one of the perennial problems of living in a tech-driven digital age. It's no mystery, then, why portable charging solutions have become so popular, ranging from pocket-sized power banks to large generator-like power stations capable of powering laptops and smaller kitchen appliances. The new Growatt VITA 550 falls somewhere closer to the middle of that spectrum, striking a nice balance between portability and power storage capacity.
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