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Forget Roomba: This Samsung robot vacuum is $151 OFF for Black Friday

This Samsung robot vacuum Black Friday deal deserves your careful attention. It’s one of the best Black Friday robot vacuum deals this year, saving you $151 on the Samsung Jet Bot Robot Vacuum with Intelligent Power Control, knocking the price down from $599 to just $448. This is a limited sale so, like all of the hottest Best Black Friday deals, if you hesitate too long with this one, you could lose your chance to score this robot vacuum that has a high IQ. Samsung includes free shipping, extended returns, and $0 down, with monthly payments with no interest if paid in 18 months. Check out below how smart this Samsung Jet Bot Robot Vacuum can be and decide quickly!

Today’s best Samsung Robot Vacuum Black Friday deal

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Why Buy:

  • Intelligent lidar-based navigation tells it where to go and not go
  • Wi-Fi and app connectivity lets you can control or check the status from anywhere
  • Automatically adjusts suction power based on floor type and amount of dust or debris
  • Pet hair doesn’t stand a chance of tangling the vacuum brush.

While this limited time deal for the smart Samsung Jet Bot Robot Vacuum with Intelligent Power Control is just $448 — $151 off the regular $599 price!

You’ll quickly realize how the Samsung Jet Bot robot vacuum’s intelligent power control can take over floor cleaning in your home and give you back that time. Samsung ‘s robot vacuums feature in best robot vacuums for 2021 with lidar-based navigation and mapping and integrated sensors that determine where to clean and how much power is needed at any time. The robot vac’s independence is transparent because its Wi-Fi connection lets you check the status remotely with the Samsung SmartThings app. In addition, you can control how and where the Samsung vacuum will clean.

Samsung robot vacuums fare well in Samsung Jet Bot versus iRobot Roomba robots for intelligent features. Samsung’s precision lidar sensors create a map for each room in your home. Once the maps are complete, the vacuum knows your rooms and navigates each room to clean them in the most efficient manner possible. If you wish, you also can use the iOS or Android Samsung SmartThings mobile app to select rooms or areas you do and don’t want the Samsung Jet Bot to clean before you give it the command to start cleaning. While the robot vacuum is cleaning you can use the app for a live cleaning report to see where it is at the moment and to check the cleaning history.

While cleaning your home, the Jet Bot’s integrated dust sensors detect the amount of dust, dirt, and debris on the floor as well as the type of flooring. This robot vacuum differentiates between hard floors and carpeting to adjust the suction power to balance cleaning power and battery life. The Samsung Jet Bot’s high-efficiency brush has anti-static fibers to clean your floors efficiently and effectively. A nifty self-cleaning high-efficiency extractor captures and grinds up pet hairs so they don’t have a chance to get tangled around the brush.

When fully charged, the Samsung Jet Bot run for 60 minutes minimum up to a maximum of 90 minutes before it returns automatically to the docking and charging station. When you remove the dust bin you can empty it by tipping over a trash receptacle. If you wish you can wash the dustbin, just be sure it’s fully dry before you use it again. From mapping to emptying, the Samsung Jet Bot Robot Vacuum with Intelligent Power Control is designed to clean your home efficiently with as little or as much direct control as you wish.

Usually you’ll pay $599 for the Samsung Jet Bot Vacuum Cleaner with Intelligent Power Control. For this limited-time Black Friday deal, however, Samsung dropped the price to just $448. So you can save $151 on this smart robot vacuum and get free shipping, an extended return period, and even finance it with no interest for 18 months. The only concern is supply and we don’t know how many units are available. We suggest fast action if this deal fits your needs.

Should you shop this Samsung robot vacuum Black Friday deal or wait until Cyber Monday?

Don’t wait even a day if you want it, because this Samsung robot vacuum Black Friday deal is time limited and we don’t know when it ends. This year we’ve seen some Black Friday deals sell out almost immediately because inventories a low due to the pandemic-related shipping and supply chain disruptions. Even in ordinary times your chances are slim of finding lower prices on Cyber Monday for Black Friday deals, so delaying only increases your chances of deals ending or selling out.

If you want it both ways, you can use the buy and hold strategy. The way that works is you buy the product you want as soon as you see a decent sale and then don’t open it when it arrives. If you see a lower price within a merchant’s free return time, and if the seller doesn’t have automatic price matching, then buy the second unit at the lower price and return the first one. This strategy may not be worth your time and effort, but that’s the way you can hedge your chances of getting the best price.

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