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These Seagate and WD external hard drives are on sale starting at just $45

There are more than a few gadgets available to us today that enable us to work from home. While laptops and tablets support productivity, an external hard drive would come in handy when it is time to save your work. Instead of slowing down your main computing system due to large files, an external hard drive simply provides additional storage space and facilitates a quick transfer of documents or media. Although we can opt to back things up online, we run the risk of exposure to potential viruses and hackers. Plus, this way you aren’t solely dependent on the internet to access your files. Right now, you wouldn’t have to break the bank since Best Buy hooks you up with cheap external hard drive deals from Seagate and WD.

Seagate Expansion (1TB) — $45, was $55

Seagate’s Expansion is a compact and budget-friendly external hard drive that you’d easily be able to fit in your purse or your pocket. While it is small, it offers a large storage space of up to 1TB for music, movies, and other files. Its design is very straightforward, you’ll simply have to plug it foot-long cable on a USB 3.0 input on your computer then you can start transferring files at a rate of 4.8GB per second. The only drawback about this no-frills drive is that it doesn’t have data encryption so it’s not ideal for storing sensitive information.

This is a low-power drive that only spins up to 5,400 rpm which is quite far from the typical 7,200 rpm. It may be safe to assume that a slower spin speed translates to a slow performance but such is not the case for the Expansion. It just means it can back up your files and remain to be energy efficient. It is preformatted with NTFS file system which would work straight out of the box with Windows but those using a Mac aren’t necessarily at a loss. They’ll simply have to reformat it into  HFS+ and it should be ready to go in just a few seconds.

Usually priced at $55, Best Buy gives you a better price at just $45.

Seagate Backup Plus Slim (2TB) — $60, was $80

If you need more than 1TB, the Seagate Backup Plus Slim matches up with a holding capacity of up to 2TB while being only 0.5-inches thin. Like the Expansion, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems but this time no reformatting is needed. Rest assured, it can be connected to any personal computer via USB 3.0 ports. Copying files to this drive is also faster at a speed of 5GB per second with two 1TB drives spinning at 5,400rpm. But again, it lacks the option to secure the contents of the drive

It also comes in a sleek plastic chassis that is available in black, blue, and red. And the minimalist brushed metal enclosure means that you won’t have to wipe off smudgy fingerprints every single time. The downloadable Seagate backup software serves to give you more flexibility with three backup functions including PC, mobile, and social. With PC as local backup changes made to files are automatically saved whereas the mobile app lets you do so on the go. Lastly Social backup allows you to share and save your media on social networking sites like Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube. Only the latter two functions are applicable to the Mac version while those using Windows will be able to utilize all three.

Grab the ever portable Seagate Backup Plus Slim for only $60 instead of $80 when you order from Best Buy.

WD Easystore (4TB) — $100, was $150

Another cheap external hard drive that ensures a rapid response of 5GB per second is WD’s Easystore. It is a bus-powered device that uses the standard USB 3.0 cable to power and connect to your Windows or Mac device. Again, reformatting would be required for it to work with Mac OS.

Surely, 4TB provides ample storage for your growing collection of photos, videos, music, documents, and more. You won’t be missing out on downloadable backup software that silently runs in the background to preserve your data without taking a toll on your system’s resources. You can work with more peace of mind knowing that all your efforts won’t be wasted when your computer just turns off out of nowhere. Just be sure to select the automatic, continuous or scheduled backup option. And WD drive utilities are also provided so that you can configure, manage, or diagnose your drive.

WD’s Easystore external hard drive allows you to bring your work station anywhere. It even boasts a durable design that can survive a few shocks or drops. And now is your chance to snag it for $50 less on Best Buy.

Seagate Backup Plus Hub (6TB) — $110, was $140

If your ultimate priority is not having to worry about storage space, then the Seagate Backup Plus Hub is without a doubt a solid option with 6TB of external storage. It may not be the most portable since it has to be plugged on a wall outlet but it includes two USB 3.0 inputs that allow you to import and export files up to 5GB per second from two devices simultaneously.

It is a full-fledged external HDD which is generally known to be cheaper in comparison to SSD. It may lack the new technology embedded in SSDs and it may use more energy but you are more or less promised a higher storage capacity. Seagate’s Backup Plus Hub is Mac and Windows ready. You’ll just have to install the NTFS system on your Mac. The Seagate backup software is also obtainable to instantly save your files in real time.

Store all your files without clogging your computer while Best Buy plummets the $140 list price of Seagate’s Backup Plus Hub to a more conservative $110.

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