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Expand your storage with this WD 4TB external hard drive — now only $70

Having a reliable external hard drive in addition to your computer’s existing internal hard drive is important for many reasons. It gives you extra space to store your files, allows you to take those files wherever you go, and also gives you a separate location for storing valuable backups in case of hard drive failure. Right now, you can buy the WD Easystore 4TB external hard drive for only $80 at Best Buy. That’s a saving of a massive $120 from the usual price. It’s one of the best external hard drive deals out there and a sure-fire winner for anyone looking to expand their storage space.

The WD Easystore 4TB external hard drive is a stylish device that will slot in nicely alongside your other tech gear. Just plug it into a wall outlet and use its USB 3.0 cable to connect it to your desktop or laptop computer before moving files across. It’s compatible with all devices so you can easily use it with your PC or Mac. USB 3.0 means that it offers data transfer rates up to 5Gbps so your files will quickly move across at all times.

4TB of storage is a huge amount of space so you’ve got plenty of room to put important work documents, treasured family photos, and everything else you could imagine on the hard drive without running out of space any time soon. It makes sense to buy a larger hard drive than you think you need in order to have plenty of room for expansion over time. If you don’t feel confident about knowing how to set up regular backups, the hard drive also comes with WD backup software that works quietly in the background to automatically backup all your data so you never have to worry about losing anything.

Keen console gamer? You can always hook up the WD Easystore 4TB external hard drive to your games console and install your favorite games there for peace of mind and extra storage space.

Whatever you decide to do, the WD Easystore 4TB external hard drive is a great deal at only $80 instead of $200. With a $120 saving, it’s the kind of deal where you might even be tempted to snap up two of these hard drives while they’re on offer. Be quick though. We can’t see this offer lasting for long.

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