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Help automate your smart home with the $70 Wink Relay Control Panel

wink relay smart home touchscreen control panel dea
When you start racking up smart home devices, it can be a hassle to control each through individual control panels. Instead, opt for a command station that allows you to access all your smart home devices from one place such as the Wink Relay Smart Home Touchscreen Control Panel currently marked down to only $70 on Amazon.

The Wink Relay Smart Home Touchscreen Control Panel gives you access to all of your Wink certified products through a central processor that runs a custom version of the Wink app. The device puts control of temperature, humidity, lights, locks, and proximity sensors data at your fingertips using a wall-mountable controller. The control panels vibrant and clean 4.3-inch display allows you to customize a home screen so you have faster access to you most used smart devices. Additionally, the screen goes into sleep mode to save energy when not in use.

Built-in smart sensors make your smart home even more intuitive. The proximity sensor reacts to your presence alone, while a temperature and humidity sensor keeps tabs on your environment. The control panel features two mechanical buttons that can be used as replacement light switches or can be customized to turn on or off other smart products in your home with a single click. The built-in mic and speaker help keep you aware of what is going on by playing convenient notification sounds. In future updates, you will even be able to sync up multiple units to take advantage of intercom functionality.

The control panel essentially doubles as a remote control for your entire house, making home automation easier. Set it up to shut things down when you leave, set the stage for your return, and adjust your smart home’s settings based on the time of day. Because the device monitors and controls products such as locks and security cameras it provides increased safety for your family and overall peace of mind.

The Wink Relay Smart Home Touchscreen Control Panel normally retails for $99 but is discounted to only $70 on Amazon for a limited time, providing a 29 percent or $29 savings.

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