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Take 30 percent off Withings Body smart scales with this limited-time offer

Withings Body smart scale
Activity trackers and apps are all the rage these days — especially as better weather encourages more outdoor exercise — but smart scales often fly under the radar. Devices like the Withings Body smart scale or the Withings Body Cardio not only measure your weight, but also track metrics like water weight, body fat, and muscle mass, as well as automatically upload vital statistics to your smartphone.

We featured the Withings Body in our smart scale roundup, and it remains a favorite. An updated version of the popular Withings WS-50, the Body smart scale analyzes your weight, BMI, lean mass, body fat percentage, water weight, and even bone mass. The scale measures and stores data for up to eight people, and automatically identifies users based on their weight. The bright LCD display also shows your last eight weigh-ins for an at-a-glance progress report.

Withings Body Health Mate appThe Withings Body Cardio features the same functionality as its sibling, along with the ability to read your heart rate and pulse wave velocity — a measure of arterial stiffness and blood pressure — for a fuller picture of your cardiovascular health. Both Withings Body smart scales sync with your phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and upload user metrics to the Health Mate app for long-term progress reports, goal-setting, and nutrition tracking. Health Mate can even connect with popular apps like Google Fit and MyFitnessPal.

For a limited time, Amazon is offering these smart scales at a 30 percent discount with an online coupon, bringing the Withings Body Cardio down to $112 from $160 and the Withings Body smart scale down to just $69 from its $99 price tag. Similar units from makers like Fitbit and Garmin cost up to $150. Simply “clip” the coupon on the product page, add it to your cart, and receive the discounted price at checkout.

Withings Body for $69 after coupon

Withings Body Cardio for $112 after coupon

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Withings Body Cardio, now 25 percent off, will analyze your health each morning
withings body cardio scale deal

Keeping an eye on your weight is always a good way to make sure you stay in shape, but weight alone doesn't tell us that much about how healthy our bodies are at any given time. Weight is a number that can be comprised of many different things: bones, muscles, fat, etc. What's important is knowing what parts of us are making up that weight number and that's only possible by performing a more thorough body composition analysis, which can be done with something like the Withings Body Cardio�Heart Health and Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale, currently 25 percent off on Amazon.

The Body Cardio is one of the world's most advanced scales, designed with cutting edge technology complete with expanded full body composition capabilities, exclusive cardiovascular health insights, and a seamless connection to the Health Mate app. The scale tracks BMI, body fat, water percentages, and muscle and bone mass, displaying easy-to-read trend lines of each measurement in the Health Mate app to help you target your efforts and understand progress over time. If you have a Withings tracker or use in-app step tracking, you can view your step count from the previous day right on the scale's screen, and you can even set the scale to give you a daily report displaying your daily forecast, previous day steps, and more.

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The digital scale features four dependable precision sensors that ensure you get an accurate reading (within 0.2 pounds of your weight) each time you use it. The scale is auto-calibrated, allowing you to step on and see results instantly, and has a built-in quick conversion feature, which lets you to swiftly change your reading from pounds to kilograms. As where most electronic scales start to decline in accuracy when batteries are low on charge, the Etekcity scale is crafted to ensure power is not an issue.

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