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This home theater projector is so cheap we had to check the price twice

Yaber Projector

Projectors can be one of the best ways to get a big-screen home movie experience without the need to spend thousands on a high-end TV. The Yaber Y61 Mini Projector is available at just $120; almost $200 off its usual price as part of Prime Day deals, but not for much longer. Prime Day officially ends at midnight tonight, so you have just a few hours to snap this up.

Once Prime Day deals come to an end, Black Friday projector deals soon start to show up on the horizon, so be here to check them out.

Projectors not only emulate a big-screen cinema experience more than a traditional LCD TV, they’re great for people who don’t want their living room dominated by a big black box when it’s not in use. Retractable screens aid minimalist aesthetics, and modern designs like this Yaber Y61 enjoy many of the same benefits as smart connected TVs, at a much larger (200-inch!) potential size. There’s support for high-contrast, 1080p resolution; wireless screen mirroring from your smartphone, and a built-in sound system if you don’t have an external A/V setup. It might not quite match some of the best projectors money can buy, but at this kind of price, it offers excellent value for money.

It’s lightweight for those who like to take their big-screen experience with them, and it’s designed to be both hardy and long-lasting. Advanced cooling keeps the internal bulb from getting too hot so that it lasts up to a million hours, and there’s lifetime support if you run into any issues with the hardware or setup. Perfect if you’re at all concerned about taking on a projector for your TV and movie watching for the first time. The setup is easier than you might think though, and as long as you have the space and distance to take advantage of a projector, it can be a refreshing way to enjoy your favorite content.

At $120, the Yaber Y61 Mini Project is one of the best Prime Day projector deals we’ve found, but it won’t be around forever. There are just a few more hours before this deal is done and the price will hike back to its usual level. If you’re still not sure a projector is right for your living room movie experience, though, there are always some great Prime Day TV deals to consider too.

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