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These are some seriously cheap Android smartphones you can buy today

Need a new Android smartphone that doesn’t break the bank? This Prime Day, Motorola discounted several of its Android mobile devices, with some products starting as low as $110. What’s more, all of these smartphones come unlocked so you have the freedom to choose your carrier and plan.  Head over to Amazon now and shop these Prime Day Motorola deals before your chosen smartphone runs out of stock. Not the brand you want? Check out these other Prime Day smartphone deals to find a mobile device that matches your style.

Once Prime Day deals come to an end, Black Friday smartphone deals soon start to show up on the horizon, so be here to check them out.

Moto E

— $110, was $150

Image used with permission by copyright holder

This sleek smartphone has a 6.2-inch max display and waterproof features. It also claims to have a two-day battery on one single charge — great for users with unconventional work hours. The snappy Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 also keeps your smartphone functioning at high-performance levels even with multiple apps open. An integrated Fingerprint ID sensor also keeps your data protected. Get the Moto E now at the low price of $100 — usually $150.

Moto G7 power

— $
135, was $250

Moto G7 Power
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The 6.2-inch HD+ display and powerful octa-core processor allows your smartphone to constantly keep up with you while still looking good. The strong battery life is also built to last for a total of 60 hours — way more than the average smartphone. The 12MP camera also boasts fast-focusing qualities to grab your subject in-frame. Like other Motorola smartphones, this version too is waterproof and has an integrated fingerprint sensor for added protection. Get the Moto G7 now for $135.

Moto G Fast

— $160, was $200

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This smartphone features a glistening 6.4-inch HD+ display and comes with waterproof qualities. Like other Motorola smartphones, the Moto G Fast also has a battery life that functions up to two days. There’s even a 16MP triple camera system with wide lens angles and zoom qualities. The fast-paced processor will also be able to handle all your favorite Android gaming apps without much lag. Get the Moto G Fast now for $160.

Moto G Power

— $200, was $250

Moto G Stylus
Corey Gaskin / Digital Trends

This smartphone boasts a 6.4-inch Full HD+ and claims to carry a three-day functional battery life on one charge. You even have the speedy octa-core processor and 4GB RAM for a seamless all-day performance. The audio quality is great, too, with Dolby dual speakers for crystal-clear sound. Take your smartphone wherever you go with enhanced waterproof features and shoot detailed outdoor landscapes with the integrated ultra-wide lens camera. Get the Moto G Power for only $200 this Prime Day.

Moto G Stylus

— $240, was $300

Matthew Smith / Digital Trends

With dual stereo speakers, a 6.4-inch Full HD+ display, and a 48MPI triple-camera system, the Moto G Stylus packs a punch. This smartphone also comes with a stylus so you can illustrate, sketch, and take more detailed notes during your morning meetings with ease. Like other Motorola smartphones, this too has the speedy octa-core processor and extended batter-life — said to last up to two days. Buy the Moto G Stylus now at the reduced price of $240.

Motorola One Action

— $250, was $350

Image used with permission by copyright holder

This gorgeous smartphone features a modern 6.3-inch CinemaVision display. Go a full day on one charge with its powerful battery life and take advantage of rapid charging when you need a quick boost. Enjoy Motorola’s flagship triple-camera system and take detailed landscape shots with your camera’s enhanced A.I. capabilities. You’ll even be able to use Face Unlock for added privacy measures. Get the Motorola One Action for only $250 this Prime Day.

Motorola Edge

— $495, was $700

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Get a 6.7-inch clear OLED edge-to-edge display with this smartphone. You can even use 5G on this phone for additional connectivity and speed. You’ll even have a fast-paced processor and 6GB of RAM for advanced performance. There’s also a two-day battery life and Turbo Charging features if you need some additional juice. The 64MP triple-camera system with Quad pixel technology even gives you access to shoot 4K videos. Buy the Motorola Edge for only $495 on Prime Day.

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