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A Boy and His Blob confirmed for January launch on Xbox One, PS4, PCs

Publisher Majesco confirmed that WayForward’s inventive puzzle-platformer A Boy and His Blob will premiere for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms by the end of this month.

A remake of a classic 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System game, A Boy and His Blob features a series of side-scrolling levels in which players control a young boy and his transforming alien blob companion. Players must use the blob’s unique capabilities in creative ways in order to solve puzzles and safely traverse dangerous territory.

The original A Boy and His Blob, released for the NES in 1990, featured a distinctive mix of open-ended, exploration-based gameplay. A Boy and His Blob won acclaim for its gameplay that encouraged players to experiment within a limited set of in-game skills in order to progress through twisting underground caverns.

Developer WayForward retained A Boy and His Blob‘s basic mechanical framework for a remake released in 2009 for the Nintendo Wii. The Wii version of A Boy and His Blob adopted a segmented, level-based approach to gameplay progression while giving players access to powers and abilities suited to upcoming challenges.

The upcoming PC and console ports of A Boy and His Blob are based on WayForward’s 2009 remake, and are developed by porting studio Abstraction Games. While the ports will feature all of the levels and content found in the original Wii release, Majesco has not announced plans to introduce additional enhancements and improvements to the core experience.

This week’s release announcement follows up on months of speculation regarding A Boy and His Blob‘s future as a franchise. Majesco hinted at the series’ return back in August, and subsequent ratings submissions revealed plans for ports on consoles and PCs.

A Boy and His Blob will launch digitally for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on January 19th. Players who purchase the PS4 edition will also receive a PS Vita port free of charge as a cross-buy promotion. PC versions of A Boy and His Blob will be available digitally via Steam and

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