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OlliOlli World: 4 tips and tricks for beginners

OlliOlli World is easy to pick up and play. At its core, players just press one button to push themselves forward and move the left stick to perform tricks. Still, it has a high skill ceiling thanks to its deep move pool and scoring system. As OlliOlli World tracks scores and features multiplayer leagues where players can compare them, some important tips will give players the edge over the competition.

This game gives back as much as players put into it. So whether it comes to move variation, challenges, or the routes taken in levels, there’s a lot to sink into even after players beat OlliOlli World‘s six-hour campaign. Keep these four tips in mind, and you’ll be at the top of those leaderboards and have the best time experiencing one of February 2022’s best games. 

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You can pull off every trick from the start

OlliOlli World drip-feeds mechanics and new tricks to players through tutorials. It’ll even teach players new things in the final world. Despite that, all of the player’s moves are usable from the start of the game. While some early levels might not have rail grinding or wall riding, players can still pull off grabs, manuals, and other more complicated tricks from the get-go. Those who played the first two OlliOlli games can jump right in, and might even appreciate that a level run doesn’t end if they don’t land correctly. 

Of course, new players probably won’t pull off advanced tweaks and manuals from the start, but OlliOlli World naturally gives players ample time and space to learn these moves. Those that want to maximize their score totals on early game levels should take a look at the Tricktionary, OlliOlli World‘s move list glossary, in the game’s main menu and discover all the cool moves that players can pull off as soon as they start.

The player character jumping off a ramp in Sunshine Valley, the first region players visit in OlliOlli World.

Don’t use the same trick over and over again

Players going for the top spots on leaderboards or playing score-based side missions need to keep this in mind. If a player repeats a trick during a combo, they’ll get fewer points than they did the first time. Players will want to build combos by constantly linking different moves together between grinds, wall rides, and manuals to get a big high score. Varying up movements also makes the game feel more refreshing and fun as a deeper appreciation is gained for OlliOlli World‘s easy to pick up but hard to master gameplay.  

The player character grinds in the Nintendo Switch version of OlliOlli World.

You don’t need to complete every challenge to progress

OlliOlli World is all about getting into an entrancing flow state when playing, so it can get pretty frustrating if the player is doing the same level over and over and over again. OlliOlli World introduces challenges within levels early on, and players get new cosmetic items if they complete them all. Players also get rewards for beating the level without using checkpoints and completing even harder challenges after encountering the skate god Radysus. The number of challenges can be overwhelming and may burn out players who try to beat them all before moving on.

Unless you really want a particular cosmetic that’s tied to a specific set of challenges, you don’t need to go for it right away. Unlike some score-based games that link progression to player performance or score, these challenges and scores have nothing to do with progression in OlliOlli World. All players have to do to move on is beat the level, so focus on doing that and come back later if a challenge is giving you a hard time.

Players can wallride in OlliOlli World.

Try the gnarly routes when possible

Many of OlliOlli World’s intricately crafted levels feature multiple routes. These splits are usually marked by arrows pointing toward two separate paths, though sometimes players can also find them by doing the correct tricks to reach a platform, grind rail, or wall. The paths that split off the critical path are called “Gnarly Routes” and frequently feature more challenging obstacles for players to overcome. 

Yes, these gnarly routes are a bit tougher than the critical path of each OlliOlli World level, but they also feature some more thrilling stunts and give players more opportunities to get a lot of points. And if the offshoot proves too tricky, there’s usually a checkpoint right before the paths split, so players can undo that decision and just go with the normal way.

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