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How to show all collectibles in Alan Wake 2 with the Mayor Setter Charm

There are a lot of collectibles to find in Alan Wake 2, so you’re probably wondering if there’s a way to show them all on your map. The answer is yes, but only when having the Mayor Setter Charm equipped, which you can’t obtain until pretty late in the game by visiting Mayor Setter himself. When that time comes, you may be shocked to find that Mayor Setter is actually a dog. Less shocking, however, is that you’ll probably want to pet him.

Luckily, in addition to being a pleasant experience, petting this political canine will accomplish multiple useful things. For starters, you’ll earn the trophy or achievement called “The Nice Things in Life,” which marks one more thing off your list for 100% completion. But perhaps most importantly, Mayor Setter will bestow upon you the aforementioned Mayor Setter Charm. When wearing this charm in one of your charm slots, you’ll be able to spot the locations of basically any collectible on the map, making tracking everything down significantly easier without a guide.

How to get the Mayor Setter Charm and show all collectibles on the map

Mayor Setter will spawn in the game in Return 6 after you’ve spoken with your colleagues in the police station and selected to continue exploring instead of passing the point of no return. At this point, you can return to your car and drive to Watery to find that Mayor Setter is sitting on the stage inside Suomi Hall where you can interact with him to earn the Mayor Setter Charm, which you can then equip to show all unfound collectibles on the map.

Mayor Setter

If you are willing to do a bit of extra exploration, you can visit Mayor Setter slightly earlier in the game (Return 5, to be exact) by finding and interacting with all six of the Setter for Mayor boards located around the three major maps. These stick out quite well due to their bright red, white, and blue colors and the fact that they’re always accompanied by a large table with the “Setter for Mayor” slogan. This is obviously a bit more work, but if you’re down for it, here are the locations of all six Setter for Mayor boards.

  • Bright Falls – This Setter for Mayor sign is directly outside of the Oh Deer Diner. It can be found from Return 1 onward.
  • Bright Falls – This Setter for Mayor sign is on the left side of Coal St. It can be found from Return 1 onward.
  • Watery – This Setter for Mayor sign is just outside of Suomi Hall. It can be found from Return 3 onward.
  • Watery – This Setter for Mayor sign is in the same area as the giant Mr. Drippy statue in Coffee World. It can be found from Return 3 onward.
  • Watery – This Setter for Mayor sign is spotted outside of the Break Room in the trailer park. It can be found from Return 3 onward.
  • Bright Falls – This Setter for Mauor sign is just outside of the Wellness Center. It can be found from Return 5 onward.

Regardless of when you earn the Mayor Setter Charm, it’s certain to make your collectible cleanup much less of a hassle. Good luck out there!

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