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All kitten locations in No More Heroes 3

The one person Travis can count on in his life to always have his back isn’t a person at all — it’s his loyal cat, Jeane. If you’ve played the previous games in the series, you’ll know that he tries to take very good care of Jeane by keeping her feed, in shape, and happy. Instead of the usual mini-games involving Travis interacting with Jeane, No More Heroes 3 changes things up by introducing a brand new collectible related to Jeane — her kittens!

That’s right, Jeane has fully grown up and had a litter of kittens that have become scattered all across the regions you will explore in No More Heroes 3. She’s lost track of a staggering 11 kittens, and it’s up to you to reunite them with their mother back in the motel room. These kittens are small and well hidden around the open world, but there are ways to make the process of tracking them down easier. Here are all the kitten locations in No More Heroes 3, plus some helpful tips for bringing them all home.

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Before searching

Image of Travis Touchdown scowling in No More Heroes 3.
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There are a few things that you should and need to do before starting this quest. First is obviously triggering the quest in the first place. Once you reach episode 2, a kitten will appear on a box in the motel parking lot. Once you interact with it, Jeane will tell you to find the rest of their lost children, starting the quest.

Second, if you can, equip the No. 49 Death Glove Chip, 80 Chip. This chip makes a chime and vibration when you approach kittens in the world to help guide you to them. Aside from that, Travis will also remark whenever he knows a kitten is in his general area, so pay attention to that as well.

Santa Destroy kittens

The main hub of Santa Destroy has the first three kittens to find. The first you will get automatically to start the quest, again right in the motel’s parking lot.

The second kitten is in the middle of the lawn, outside the Rolling Cradle Highway Bus station. It’s out in the open and very easy to spot.

Last is on the docks. Go to the far end and hug the right side of the blue railing. This kitten is just before the big leafy bush in the top-right corner of the dock.

Perfect World kittens

There are two more kittens in Perfect World.

The first one is toward the south of the area, a bit northwest of the defense mission and straight east from the save point. Go behind the houses here on the south side of the street and check next to the dumpster for this lost kitten.

Find the basketball courts to the northeast, nearly at the shore, and get on the court. The kitten will be standing between two benches beside the court on the north side.

Thunderdome kittens

The next two kittens take us into the Thunderdome.

Up first, we need to go to the west side path, just before it narrows and leads to the Tank icon on the map. This kitten kind of blends into the sand, so keep your eyes peeled.

The other is inside the actual dome on the southwest side. There’s a small patio between the buildings with a blue brick building by the road. The cat is right next to this house.

Call of Battle kittens

Two of Jeane’s kids somehow wound up in the dangerous Call of Battle area, so we need to get them out!

One kitten is right on the main road near the first T-Shirt Alien. Standing on the road, look on the sidewalk to the left. The little furball is right next to two metal blockades.

The other kitten is chilling on the beach. Head all the way down to the east side shore and go east, hugging the cliff to your left. The kitten is hanging out right along this wall.

Neo Brazil kittens

Finally, we are down to the last two kittens in Neo Brazil.

One lost cat is hanging out beside the fountain on the extreme north corner of the map. Just circle around the fountain perimeter to find it lounging about.

Our last cat is right beside the DonMai Sushi. Just go to the open field to the slight northwest, right where the grass begins, and collect your last cat between two rows of hedges.

Once the final kitten has been returned home, you will be rewarded with a brand new T-shirt called the Pixel Jeane shirt, which shows off Jeane as she appeared in Travis Strikes Again. 

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