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All XDefiant characters and how to unlock them


XDefiant is a free-to-play shooter from Ubisoft, which brings together multiple factions from the publisher’s long list of franchises. Each of these factions have their own abilities and passives that make them suited for certain playstyles, so knowing which one works best for you should be an important part of your strategy. While individual characters within these factions share the same abilities, unlocking them all gives you access to more customization options via unique skins.

If you’d like to unlock every character in the game, you’ll need to complete challenges that typically ask you to use one of their faction’s two abilities on your foes or allies. These can take quite a while to finish, so an alternative method is to purchase a skin for that character in the shop, which will automatically unlock them for you to use. However, this costs real money, so we only recommend doing it if you already know you want the skin, too.

Here’s how to unlock every character in XDefiant.

Cleaners (The Division)

The Cleaners are a group of antagonists from The Division franchise. They specialize in all things fire, giving them access to incendiary rounds, Molotov cocktails, incinerator drones, and even a massive flamethrower.

  • De Rosa — Unlocked automatically when downloading the game
  • Kersey — Get 50 kills with the Cleaners’ faction ability Firebomb
  • Green — Get 50 kills with the Cleaners’ faction ability Incinerator Drone

Phantoms (Ghost Recon)

The Phantoms are a shadowy group from the Ghost Recon franchise. They specialize in defense by using deployed barriers and arming themselves with shields, and they even have slightly increased health to make them hardier.

  • Singa — Unlocked automatically when downloading the game
  • Rhino — Get 25 kills with the Phantoms’ faction ability Blitz Shield
  • Gorgon — Block 10,000 damage with the Phantoms’ faction ability Mag Barrier

Libertad (Far Cry 6)

Libertad is a rebel group from Far Cry 6. They specialize in healing in a variety of ways, including being able to occasionally increase the health pool of nearby enemies in a pinch.

  • Iselda — Unlocked automatically when downloading the game
  • Beto — Heal 5,000 damage to allies with Libertad’s faction ability BioVida Boost
  • Seleste — Heal 5,000 damage to allies with Libertad’s faction ability El Remedio

Echelon (Splinter Cell)

Echelon is a special operations unit from the Splinter Cell franchise. They specialize in sticking to the shadows with invisibility, showing the locations of enemies, and even using Sam Fisher’s iconic pistol to decimate foes in just a few shots.

  • Malee — Unlocked automatically when downloading the game
  • Samir — Get 100 kills while using Echelon’s faction ability Digital Ghillie Suit
  • Rafa — Get 50 assists with Echelon’s faction ability Intel Suit

DedSec (Watch Dogs 2)

DedSec is a hacking collective from the Watch Dogs franchise. They specialize in disrupting enemy players with face-hugging Spiderbots, hijacking their abilities, and shutting down their minimap.

  • Sebastian — Unlocked upon reaching 700,000 in-game XP
  • Jing — Unlocked upon reaching 700,000 in-game XP
  • Gia — Unlocked upon reaching 700,000 in-game XP

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