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Crypto seeks to show the truth in Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown

The third season of Apex Legends is set to launch on October 1, and headlining the battle royale shooter’s future is a mysterious new character named Crypto.

The Season 3 announcement trailer features the back story of Crypto, who is responsible for all the changes that happened to Apex Legends at the start of Season 2.

Apex Legends - Season 3 Announcement Crypto Lore Trailer | PS4

Crypto is out for revenge against The Syndicate, the group behind the Apex Games, after what happened to his (presumably) sister Mila. Crypto was framed for the murder of Mila after they discover an algorithm in the King’s Canyon database that predicts the next winner of the Apex Games, which may be used to make lots of money by betting on the matches.

The trailer ends with Crypto saying that it is time “to show them the truth” and “to play my game,” ominous warnings for what lies ahead for Apex Legends.

Crypto’s plan started to unfold in Season 2, with the destruction of the Repulsor Tower to open up King’s Canyon to massive beasts. It remains to be seen what the hacker has in store for Season 3, but several hints point to the possibility of the map again undergoing significant changes, this time with the addition of lava and ice.

In addition to Crypto, Season 3 will roll out a new Battle Pass that promises more than 100 new items to earn, and an updated Ranked League that will implement a soft reset on players’ current ranks, but in exchange for ranked cosmetic rewards. The Ranked League will also start counting assists in player’s scores, and will issue penalties against players who leave in the middle of a match.

Also coming to Apex Legends is the Charge Rifle, a weapon from the Titanfall universe that is mainly used to take down Titans. The powerful gun may not be the only connection to the Titanfall series in Season 3 though, as the mercenary Blisk is also said to be coming soon to Apex Legends. The pending addition of the Charge Rifle and the rumored arrival of Blisk raises hope that Titans will soon drop into the battle royale shooter.

Respawn will reveal more details about Season 3 of Apex Legends as the release date draws near. The developer is looking for a more successful rollout this time around, compared with the lackluster launch of Season 2.

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