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Respawn will suspend Apex Legends players who abuse game-breaking Wraith glitch

A fix is finally on the way for a game-breaking glitch involving Wraith, but in the meantime, developer Respawn Entertainment will issue suspensions for Apex Legends players who abuse the bug.

The glitch was discovered shortly after the lackluster launch of Season 2 for the battle royale shooter. The bug allows players to use Into the Void, Wraith’s tactical ability that allows her to become invulnerable with a slight speed boost, without the 25-second cooldown.

Players who abuse the bug will be almost unkillable, as it makes them immune to weapons, abilities, and even circle damage. This makes the glitch a major problem in Ranked Play, as it allows players to easily rise up the ranks.

Respawn previously acknowledged the glitch, and in a developer check-in on the game’s official subreddit on July 19, said that a fix was on the way. However, no date was given on the patch’s implementation.

Respawn senior designer Chin Xiang Chong has revealed that the Wraith glitch fix will be rolled out in the next Apex Legends patch. For players who are thinking of taking advantage of the bug while it is still possible, you might want to think again.

There's been a rise in players abusing the infinite Wraith phase glitch in ranked. We have a fix locally that should be rolled out in our next patch. For now we are doing 1 day bans for players abusing it in Ranked. Ban lengths will increase for repeat offenders.

— Chin Xiang Chong (@tangentiallogic) July 27, 2019

Temporary, one-day suspensions for abusing the Wraith glitch in Ranked mode may deter players from exploiting the bug, but there has been a clamor for heavier penalties. The concern is that the bans will not matter if players who abused the glitch will be able to keep the ranks that they unfairly achieved.

It remains to be seen whether Respawn will enforce stricter action, especially as the developer has continued its intense crackdown against Apex Legends cheaters. One of the features that Respawn is working on is a matchmaking system that places cheaters in matches against each other, which will save legitimate players from the frustration of going up against them.

Respawn also recently took a stand against Apex Legends players who use a keyboard and mouse on consoles, as it is viewed to provide an unfair advantage over players who use the standard controller. The developer, however, did not reveal what exactly it is planning to do to address the issue.

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