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Apex Legends: Wraith Guide

Wraith is one of the strongest characters in Apex LegendsWith the smallest hitbox out of any of the Legends currently on the roster and a slew of highly versatile abilities, just about any player can pilot Wraith to victory in the Apex Games. Because she’s so versatile, however, it can be difficult to know how to best utilize her abilities and traits. We’re going to take a deep dive into Wraith’s abilities, hitbox, and general tips so you can claim the crown in Apex Legends season 7.

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Wraith abilities (and how to use them)

Meet Wraith – Apex Legends Character Trailer

Passive: Voices from the Void/Low Profile

  • Voices from the Void
    • Description: A voice warns you when danger approaches. As far as you can tell, it’s on your side.
    • Top tip: Always warn your teammates when you see a prompt and turn on subtitles if you can’t hear the voice.
  • Low Profile
    • Description: More difficult to hit, incoming damage increased by 5%.
    • Top Tip: If you have to get in a fight, keep moving.

Wraith actually has two passive abilities, but they do very different things. Low Profile is there to compensate for Wraith’s very small hitbox (we’ll talk more about that soon). It increases incoming damage by 5% across the board. It also makes leg shots count for the same amount of damage as body shots. Although 5% doesn’t seem like much, if you and your opponent are both firing the same weapon at each other with the same amount of armor, that’s just enough to allow your enemy to make it out of battle. Keep that in mind before getting into a fight.

Voices from the Void can help you avoid getting in fights. Whenever you’re approaching a threat, a voice will fade in, warning you what the threat is, accompanied by a prompt to warn your teammates. It’s always a good idea to take advantage of the prompt, but it can be a little tough hearing the voice at first, especially if you’re not playing with headphones. If you’re having trouble hearing it, make sure to turn on subtitles in the settings.

Tactical: Into the Void

  • Into the Void
    • Description: Reposition quickly through the safety of void space, avoiding all damage. Twenty-five-second cooldown.
    • Top tip: You’re not completely invisible when phasing, and there’s a slight delay when triggering the ability, so always account for that.

Wraith’s tactical ability is one of the better all-around tacticals in Apex Legends. When you trigger Into the Void, Wraith will disappear in a blur of blue lines for three seconds. During that time, you can run, jump, and slide with increased movement speed. However, you can’t shoot, but you also can’t be damaged. Commonly referred to as “phasing,” Wraith’s tactical is a good defensive play. If you find yourself in a fight that you can’t win, you can buy yourself three seconds to reposition. It’s important to remember that enemies can still see your trail, so although you can avoid incoming damage while phasing, you want to make sure you get to a safe spot before the effect ends.

You can phase offensively, too, and that’s sometimes more effective. If you spot an unaware enemy team, you can have your teammates occupy them while phasing to a more opportune position to take them out. Likewise, you can phase when fighting at a distance to throw off your opponents. When phasing, it’s less about knowing when to trigger the ability — that comes after a few rounds — and more about learning what to do while phasing. Defensively, make sure you reposition out of danger. Offensively, plan your attack before triggering Into the Void.

Ultimate: Dimensional Rift

  • Dimensional Rift
    • Description: Link two locations with portals for 60 seconds, allowing your entire team to use them. Cooldown for 210 seconds.
    • Top tip: Use the exit portal to lure enemies into a trap.

Dimensional Rift allows you to place two rifts — commonly referred to as “portals” — that are connected to each other. You can jump between the two portals immediately for as long as they’re active (60 seconds). However, others can use your portals, too. That includes your teammates and enemies.

That makes Dimensional Rift a nice utility ultimate where you can use it to lure enemies into a trap or just to cover a lot of ground quickly. When you activate Dimensional Rift and place your first portal, you’ll have vastly increased movement until you place your second portal. However, you can’t shoot before placing your second portal, though you can still run, jump, slide, and even activate Into the Void.

If you plan on using Wraith’s ultimate offensively, make sure to pay attention to the orientation of the portals. The portals are opaque, and you can only enter and exit them one way. You can hide behind the exit portal to surprise enemies as they’re passing through. Likewise, you can place the entrance portal outside of the circle, with the exit portal inside. Desperate opponents might use the portal to quickly make it back inside the circle, allowing you to easily pick them off.

Keep in mind, however, that most players are privy to these tactics, and they’ll often appear on the other side ready for a fight. Dimensional Rift is extremely powerful if you can catch an enemy unaware, but it’s powerful as a utility, too. Especially in the late game, you can set up a portal linked to a safe location, allowing you to freely fight while having a backup plan.

Wraith hitbox compared to other Legends

Wraith has the smallest hitbox of any Legend, measuring in at 33 square centimeters. The closest Legends are Wattson, Lifeline, and Bloodhound, each of which has a hitbox of 37 square centimeters. Wraith is tough to hit, but Low Profile ensures that each hit counts for more. Wraith is an aggressive Legend but usually can’t win a DPS battle. With leg shots counting for as much as body shots and an extra 5% damage across the board, Wraith is fragile. If you’re fast and smart, though, you can take advantage of some sloppy aim.

In some situations, you can outright exploit Wraith’s tiny hitbox. Around a year ago, players discovered that Wraith can peek over certain walls without exposing anything. Despite several patches since, this is still possible. Compared to Gibraltar, who has a massive hitbox at 79 square centimeters, Wraith is a champ. You’ll need to pay attention to the extra damage she takes, but as long as you’re fast, you can usually outgun an opponent with enough practice.

How to play as Wraith in Apex Legends — tips and tricks

Be a team player

It’s always a good idea to be a team player in Apex Legends, but it’s especially important with Wraith. Voices from the Void is great on its own, for example, but it’s a lot better if you can warn your teammates, too. Likewise, it’s best to let your teammates know about any portals you drop with Dimensional Rift (you can ping them). You’re certainly not the only player playing as Wraith, so being clear to your team that the portals are safe to use is important.

As we’ll get to next, Wraith’s strength is her versatility. All of her abilities work offensively and defensively, unlike Loba, who has a rather niche set of abilities. Leveraging your teammates to get the most out of Wraith’s abilities will give you a leg up. If you’re using Into the Void offensively, for example, you’ll want to coordinate your attack with the rest of your team to get the most out of the ability.

Be ready to pivot

Wraith is strong because she’s versatile. Into the Void works equally well as an offensive or defensive maneuver, as does Dimensional Rift. Because of that, it’s important to pivot when playing as her. Although she’s technically an offensive Legend, learning when it’s best to escape a fight is just as important as learning when to start one. Because of Low Profile, you’re not going to win a one-on-one battle, all things equal. The goal is to be faster and more accurate than your opponent.

That takes practice. Although you’ll need to practice with any Legend to get the most out of them, that sentiment is especially true with Wraith. When playing as her, take stock of fights you lose and what you could have done differently. Wraith almost always has some kind of ability at her disposal, so learn when to use them effectively to get the most out of her.

Try scouting

It’s easy to focus on what happens during fights (that’s what counts in most cases). Although Wraith is good at shooting, she’s equally good at scouting. Dimensional Rift allows you to move ahead of your teammates very quickly, scouting for loot and enemies. Voices from the Void gives you plenty of warning before entering a fight you can’t handle, and if opponents sneak up on you, you can use Into the Void to quickly get away.

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