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How to get the owlbear cub in Baldur’s Gate 3

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It doesn't take long for you to begin accruing a band of companions in Baldur's Gate 3. Soon after your crash-landing, you will start picking up other survivors who also are infected by the Mind Flayer's parasite to help you hopefully find a cure, but there also are a few animal companions you can recruit to keep you company at your camp. The owlbear cub is as cute as it sounds, and while it can't help you in battle, having it to calm you down and cheer you up whenever you return to camp is worth the effort of finding it. The issue is that finding it is only part of the process of acquiring this feathery friend. Here's a full walkthrough on how to get the owlbear cub in Baldur's Gate 3.




40 minutes

What You Need

  • Find the owlbear cub nest

  • Reach the Goblin Camp

A cute owlbear cub in a cave.
Larian Studios

How to get the owlbear cub

Getting the owlbear cub is essentially a quest all on its own with two main phases. The first will be to find the owlbear cub nest and meet the creature for the first time. Be warned, you can put yourself in a situation where you make it impossible to get the owlbear cub multiple times during this process, so be careful and save often.

Step 1: Visit the owlbear cub nest. This is located to the east of the Druid Grove in the forest at coordinates X: 82, Y: 451.

Step 2: Once inside, you will find the mother Owlbear and have two choices. You can either attack or pass any of the skill checks that appear when you approach. You will have the option of using Animal Handling, Survival, or Performance.

A owlbear eating its mother.
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Step 3: If you choose to fight, do not hit the owlbear cub. Only target the mother and do not harm the cub.

Step 4: After defeating the mother, interact with the cub and choose not to kill it.

Step 5: If you did not fight the owlbear mother, simply leave the cave and take a long rest to pass time.

Step 6: Whichever method you took, the owlbear cub will now be at the Goblin Camp, so head there.

Step 7: Once inside, find the goblin named Krolla near the bottom left of the village and speak to her.

Step 8: Again, you now have two ways to proceed: You can participate in the Chicken-Chasing contest or refuse.

A goblin challenging you to a bet.
Larian Studios

Step 9: If you play, you will need to put down at least 30 gold. If you have Animal Handling or can pass a Persuasion check, you can make it a bit easier to win.

Step 10: After leading the cub through the course and winning, speak to Krolla again to attempt to get your reward, which will not include the owlbear cub.

Step 11: Talk to Krolla a second time and demand to take the owlbear cub. You will need to Intimidate, Persuade, use Illithid wisdom, or outright buy the cub for 300 gold.

Step 12: If you refuse to participate in the game, you can skip directly to the previous step.

An owlbear cub cooing at camp.
Larian Studios

Step 13: After three long rests, the owlbear cub will appear at your camp and appear there from then on.

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