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Get your first look at ‘Royale’ mode in the latest ‘Battlefield V’ trailer

Electronic Arts and Dice teased “Royale,” the battle royale mode coming to Battlefield V, during the EA Play event in June, but the companies haven’t let us see the mode in action — until now. The latest Battlefield V trailer offers a glimpse of Royale, and it looks exactly like what players have been asking for.

At the tail end of the Battlefield V Devastation of Rotterdam” trailer posted for Gamescom, we see the final moments of a Royale match. Explosions and an encroaching ring of fire cover most of the enormous map, with only a few buildings and vehicles protected at the center. As the flames creep even closer, the buildings crumble and the last survivors race toward safety.

If this is reflective of what the actual Royale mode will be like, Battlefield V players are in for a treat. In rival games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you can survive for a limited amount of time while outside the boundaries of the safe area. If buildings are destroyed as the ring of fire moves in, however, it will force everyone to stay on the move, which should lead to more exciting closing moments. The mode will release after the game’s October 19 launch.

The trailer also showed off a montage of action-packed moments in the multiplayer mode, with characters sprinting through bullet-riddled rooms, leaping out of destroyed windows, and taking cover as tanks level entire buildings. Later, we see a plane nosedive into the ground, seemingly causing a massive explosion that sends soldiers nearby flying off their feet. It’s a quintessential Battlefield moment, and one franchises like Call of Duty haven’t been able to replicate.

Unlike Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Battlefield V also includes a full story campaign. The “War Stories” mode will focus on several different characters throughout World War II, much like 2016’s Battlefield 1 did for World War I. That game’s campaign received rave reviews and managed to examine the war from several unique perspectives, all without sacrificing the large-scale combat and destruction that made the series famous.

Battlefield V releases on October 19 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One, with the Deluxe Edition available on October 16. A free trial will be available on October 11 for EA Access and Origin Access members.

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