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Bungie clarifies when new weapons will release in ‘Destiny 2’

Destiny 2 – Expansion I: Curse of Osiris Launch Trailer
The second season of Destiny 2 began in late 2017 alongside the launch of the Curse of Osiris expansion pack, and with it, players were hoping for several new weapons to use in the game’s various cooperative and competitive modes. Some assumed this would happen all at once, but Bungie has clarified that these were meant to be introduced over the course of season 2.

“With the release of Curse of Osiris, each faction has received five new weapons,” Bungie wrote in a forum post. “These weapons become available over the course of the season and cannot be earned through faction engrams immediately.”

The return of the faction rally, which we first saw in 2017, brings with it a new auto rifle for the winning faction. There will be two more faction rallies held over the course of season 2, and each of these will come with a new weapon, with the previous weapon being made available as a faction engram reward.

More significant changes will be coming in the future, many for season 3 of the game. Bungie said in an update post that equipment mods are being reworked in an effort to make them feel more potent, and the studio will “open their requirements up significantly.” Thus far, their effect has been limited to a small boost in damage or a slightly enhanced ability.

In late November, Bungie faced criticism for a hidden scaling system used for gaining experience points, which players felt was artificially limiting their progression, but this was disabled following the negative feedback. The studio introduced Heroic Strikes as well as “Masterworks” — special versions of weapons with enhanced abilities — when Curse of Osiris launched, though these didn’t drastically change the game.

We found Curse of Osiris to be a step backward for Destiny 2, calling it “shallow” and “an add-on comprising reused content and busywork.” The game’s second expansion, rumored to be called “Gods of Mars” and launch in March, will apparently concern the character Charlemagne as well as Rasputin, who was slated to play a central role in the original Destiny‘s campaign before its story was restarted. We can only hope it offers a little more content than Curse of Osiris.

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