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Where to find Commandment Stones in Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb sees you leading a ragtag band of cultists as you attempt to vanquish several heretics and spread the word of “The One Who Waits.” To help you do that, you’ll need to collect Commandment Stones and teach your cult the importance of loyalty, hard work, and unquestioning faith.

Commandment Stones are one of the most important items in the game, but they’re surprisingly hard to find. If you’re looking to introduce new Doctrines and run a perfect cult, here’s what you need to know about Commandment Stones.

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What are Commandment Stones and Doctrines?

Cult of the Lamb menu showing off Commandment Stones.

Commandment Stones are used to unlock new Doctrines. Doctrines are in turn used to introduce new Rituals and other traits to your cult. Once you’ve collected three Commandment Stone fragments, you’ll have a completed Commandment Stone — which means you can head to your Temple and introduce a new Doctrine. These are split into five unique groups:

  • Sustenance: Related to food and hunger
  • Possessions: Related to structures and accruing gold
  • Afterlife: Related to death
  • Law and Order: Related to loyalty
  • Work and Worship: Related to Devotion and performing work around camp

When issuing a new Doctrine, you’ll first choose one of these five categories. You’ll then get to choose between two different Doctrines to enact. Depending on the category, these could be anything from generating Devotion faster or forcing your followers to work multiple days in a row without sleep. What you choose is up to you — but it all starts with collecting three Commandment Stone fragments.

Where to find Commandment Stone fragments

A player interacting with a follower in Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb gives you several ways to collect Commandment Stone fragments. Here’s a closer look at each.

  • Level up your followers. Every time your followers fill their Loyalty meter, you’ll be given a Commandment Stone fragment. Because of this, make sure you offer Blessings and Gifts to your cultists as often as possible.
  • Slay a mini-boss. These beasts drop Commandment Stones when they’re defeated.
  • Buy from a merchant. Every so often you’ll come across a merchant selling Commandment Stones.

Best way to earn Commandment Stones

Cult of the Lamb menu showing off Doctrines.

If you’re looking for a simple routine to farm Commandment Stone fragments, the below formula is a good starting point.

  • Bless all your followers as soon as they wake up. Before heading out on Crusades, make sure to get your Blessings in for the day and increase their Loyalty level. If you’re lucky, one of them will level up — granting you a Commandment Stone fragment.
  • Perform a Sermon. This is another daily activity that helps boost Loyalty.
  • Head out on a Crusade. Mini-bosses are your best bet for Commandment Stone fragments, so chug along through the main quest, and you’ll earn a steady flow of them.
  • Hand out any Gifts you picked up while Crusading. These often come in the form of necklaces and grant a huge chunk of Loyalty.

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