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DC registers several possible names for the ‘Batman vs Superman’ film

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Although most people have taken to referring to it as “Batman vs. Superman,” DC has yet to officially give a title to the Man of Steel sequel. A handful of recent domain registries caught by Fusible, however, seem to suggest a few options.

So far Warner Bros. has registered at least 35 domain names, some reflecting the Man of Steel heritage, like, while others reflect a possible subtitle, like Based on the domain names, some of the possible titles or subtitles for the Man of Steel sequel could be: The Blackest Hour, The Darkness Within, Darkness Falls, Knight Falls, Shadow of the Night, and Black of Knight.

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These titles may also be used for things other than the movie itself, including game tie-ins, novelizations, and countless other products.

From games to books to films, companies that produce entertainment properties frequently register numerous domains, allowing them the freedom to choose a title without worrying about someone registering the website first and then trying to sell the domain back to them, or just creating their own website in the hopes of cashing in on the property’s popularity. Registering a domain is a far cry from actually using it.

In 2010, for example, Activision registered several domains related to Call of Duty, ranging from Future Warfare, Space Warfare, and Advanced Warfare, as well as domains reflecting possible sequels of those properties like It’s still possible Activision will use one of those names in the future, but it is just as likely that it didn’t want people trying to cash in on its licensed material.

As for the Man of Steel possibilities, none of these titles are bad but “Batman vs. Superman” has a nice ring to it, as does “World’s Finest.” What title would you like to see for Man of Steel 2? Sound off in the comments below.

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Batman’s 75th anniversary celebration continues with this new animated short film

Batman celebrates his 75th anniversary in 2014, and you'll see that milestone honored in a variety of ways throughout the year. One man lining up to pay homage to the Dark Knight is Bruce Timm, the producer responsible for the Emmy-winning animated take on the character, Batman: The Animated Series.
To celebrate the anniversary, Timm has created a short film titled Batman: Strange Days, featuring a “lost tale from Batman’s past,” according to DC Entertainment. The clip features the same artistic style that became synonymous with the animated series, and it pits Batman against a “strange giant” that leads him to Hugo Strange.
The character of Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, and was first introduced on March 30, 1939 in Detective Comics #27. Now, three-quarters of a century later, Batman remains as popular as ever. This year alone, Batman will appear in multiple comics, new animated movies, and Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight game, which will be released on October 14.

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Captain America to take on Batman and Superman (at the box office)
captain america take batman superman box office dark knight

Several months ago, Marvel Studios announced that it wold be releasing at least two films in 2016, the first on May 6 and the second on July 8, although it didn't reveal what those films would be. Soon after, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. announced that they were delaying their big budget superhero film Man of Steel 2, commonly known as Batman vs Superman, and that it would also be released on May 6, setting up a game of chicken to see which studio would blink first and move.
Most assumed it would be Marvel. The studio claimed the date, but didn't have anything to back it up. Earlier this week though, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige claimed that Marvel had no intention of giving up the date, and shortly after sources close to Marvel confirmed to THR that the film in question that is poised to challenge Batman and Superman will be a third Captain America movie. 
Although the second Captain America movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, won’t hit theaters until April 4, Marvel has already shown a lot of confidence in the film. It still needs to deliver at the box office, of course, but early reactions have been positive - so much so that Marvel has already talked to directors Anthony and Joe Russo about returning for a third film.
One of the studios will almost certainly change the date of its film. It would ultimately hurt both productions to open on the same weekend, as they’d be stealing audiences from each other. The question though, is who will blink first. WB and DC currently have the inside track, as Man of Steel 2 is set to begin filming this month, while production on a third Captain America film wouldn't begin for months. Star Chris Evans is locked in to return for a sequel, but even if everything were ready to go tomorrow, he is committed to The Avengers: Age of Ultron first, which began filming in February.
Still, with Feige seemingly adamant that it won't be Marvel that gives up the date, May 6, 2016 just became a very interesting day.

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Batman vs. Superman casts its Lex Luthor and Alfred
batman vs superman casts lex luthor alfred jesse eisenberg 3

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel, also known unofficially as Batman vs. Superman, has cast two of its biggest roles. Academy Award nominee Jesse Eisenberg has officially been named as Superman’s arch-enemy Lex Luthor, and Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons will take on the role of Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s butler and confidant.
Go ahead and explode, Internet. We know you want to.
Jesse Eisenberg
The casting news ends months of rumors as to who will portray Superman’s most well-known enemy. Recent rumors hinted at the studio looking at several actors to fill the role, including Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Strong, and Bryan Cranston. 
The casting of Eisenberg comes as something of a surprise – partially because we haven't heard his name bandied about for the role, but also because of the actor’s age. The character of Lex Luthor was hinted at in the original Man of Steel with advertisements and banners for the company LexCorp appearing in the film. In the comics, that company was founded by Lex Luthor. With Eisenberg just hitting 30, it raises the question of how the character will be portrayed.
In the comics, Luthor was first introduced in 1940 as a criminal mastermind. He's been reimagined countless times over the year, but is most commonly portrayed as an established businessman in Metropolis. Some versions of the Luthor story have had his father pass the company on to Lex, while others have established him as a prodigy. Regardless of how the filmmakers decide to proceed, the casting of Eisenberg suggests that the character will not fit the traditional Luthor mold.
Jeremy Irons
The casting of Irons is more fitting. Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s butler, co-conspirator, and longtime family friend, has generally been portrayed as an older, English man. It's a role the 65-year old Irons is right for. Michael Caine is the most recent actor to play Alfred, in Christopher Nolan’s Batman films.
Irons and Eisenberg join Henry Cavill, who reprises his role as Clark Kent/Superman, and Ben Affleck, who was confirmed in 2013 for Bruce Wayne/Batman. They will be joined by Gal Gadot, who appears as Wonder Woman. The Man of Steel sequel was originally scheduled for July 17, 2015, but has since been pushed back to May 6, 2016.
So talk to us, people of the Internet.  What do you think of Eisenberg as Luthor and Irons as Alfred? 

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