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Dead Space: how to fix the centrifuge

The Dead Space remake is a mostly faithful recreation of the survival horror title everyone has known and loved for years, but a few of its areas have been reworked to be less frustrating or more interesting. Such is the case with the centrifuge area in Chapter 3: Course Correction, which asks you to do essentially the same thing as you did in the 2008 original — except with a bit more intensity and flair. Still, it’s easy to overlook the solution to this early-game puzzle, as it asks you to use some powers you may not have spent much time with yet. In this brief guide, we’ll tell you how to fix the centrifuge.

How to fix the centrifuge in Dead Space

The centrifuge is located in a large circular room, and you’ll be tasked with reattaching two generator modules to fix it. You’ll likely first notice that the generator modules are rapidly spinning, and you may even notice that they’re sporting a bright icon indicating that you can use your kinesis on them. However, trying to do so will cause them to be rejected due to the aforementioned spinning.

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Isaac floats in the centrifuge room

To solve this problem, approach one of the generator modules and fire your stasis at the tip to slow the spinning. Immediately after, use your kinesis to drag the module into the centrifuge to lock it in. Repeat this process with the second module. When you’ve made sure both are connected – and killed any necromorphs that may be bothering you in the area – glide over to the control panel on the walkway nearby and use it to restart the centrifuge. Doing so will complete this segment of your mission.

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