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Destiny’s ‘The Dawning’ holiday event is live now in ‘Destiny 2’

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Destiny 2‘s holiday event, “The Dawning,” arrives on Tuesday, December 19, and it opens up all kinds of winter wonders, including snowball fights in social areas, snowball attacks in Strikes, and a number of new items and cosmetics to acquire for the next few weeks.

As in the original Destiny, The Dawning adds a coating of snow, ice, and decorations to social areas in Destiny 2, along with its various modes and item introductions. Although the snowball fights give the game a somewhat playful feel, that’s not to say that this event doesn’t introduce some more serious gameplay alternatives, too.

In the Tower and the Farm, you can dig up a snowball from the various piles of snow and tag your friends, but in Strikes, you can hit an enemy with a snowball to stun them and do surprising damage considering the consistency of your projectile. “Mayhem,” a seasonal Crucible mode, is back, as well, giving Guardians the option to fight it out with faster ability recharges for some frantic, snowy action.

It wouldn’t be the holidays without presents, of course. Take part in Mayhem Crucible matches or the augmented Strikes and you’ll be able to earn new loot. Completing certain milestones each week will reward you with a Dawning engram. There are also new consumables for everyone who plays the game during this time.

If you want a specific holiday item, you can buy one straight from Tess Everis (with real money). Her inventory will rotate new holiday items in and out every week. On “one week or another,” during The Dawning, you’ll also be able to buy a new thematic exotic ship, ghost, and emote, as well as a new set of seasonal armor.

Celebrating the idea of giving during this holiday season, The Dawning also lets you craft a special present for your favorite vendor. Grab a “Dawning Gift Schematic” in the Bazaar and then craft it using items from various locations, before giving it to a vendor or agent. You’ll then receive a gift in return, though Bungie is staying mum on what exactly that will be.

The Dawning runs through January 9. Destiny 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Its Curse of Osiris expansion recently launched on all platforms.

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