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Destiny 2: Traveler’s Chosen exotic weapon quest guide

Destiny 2’s Season of Arrivals is winding down as Bungie prepares to launch its major Beyond Light update. As one final challenge, players can get an exotic version of the Traveler’s Chosen sidearm. If Traveler’s Chosen sounds like a familiar weapon, that’s because it’s the first weapon players received in Destiny 2. The new and improved version features a perk that allows players to recharge their abilities by holding down the reload button and absorbing stacks of “Gathering Light.”

The lengthy new quest takes players through a tour of the planets and content that will be leaving the game for good this November. Here’s everything you’ll need to do to get this weapon before the Beyond Light update launches.

Destiny 2 Exodus quest

Exodus quest

There are two quests on the way to getting Traveler’s Chosen: Exodus and Evacuation. Exodus launched in July and only rewarded some Altered Element and a triumph for completing it. If you didn’t complete the quest back then, you’ll need to do it now to progress. When you log into the game, you should have it in your quest tab already.

You’ll need to go to four different planets and finish a weekly bounty on each. First, you’ll complete one for Sloane on Titan. After that, you’ll do the same for the vendor on Io. Once you’re done with that step, head back to Zavala, and he’ll give you a masterwork version of the Militia’s Birthright legendary grenade launcher.

To finish this off, complete a weekly quest on Mercury and then Mars. When all four steps are complete, head back to Zavala to complete the quest and get a reward. Now, you’ll be able to jump into the longer Evacuation quest.

Evacuate Io

The idea here is that you’ll evacuate each planet one by one. Once you get the new quest from Zavala, go to Io and talk to Asher.

For the first step, head to the Sanctum of Bones lost sector, which is the one that’s closest to Asher. The idea is to collect 25 Traces of Corruption, which are dropped from Taken enemies. Fight through the lost sector as you would normally, killing enemies along the way. Once you hit the end, you’ll have to take down a Taken Phalanx. Open the chest to complete this step and move on to the next.

Destiny 2 Sanctum of Bones

Next, you’ll have to complete the Pyramidion Strike and collect 40 Scan Traces by killing Vex. You should get enough Traces by naturally playing through the strike.

Now open the director, and you’ll see a new mission on the Io map. Click that, and you’ll be thrown into the heroic version of the Unexpected Guests mission. Complete that as you would normally and head back to Asher once you’re done to complete Io.

Evacuate Titan

Now you’ll need to do the same thing on Titan. Speak to Sloane and get ready to revisit some old content. First, head to the Methane Flush lost sector. You don’t need to collect anything here. Just kill the Hive Knight at the end and open the chest to progress.

Destiny 2 Methane Flush

Once that’s done, head to Solarium. Upon entering, you’ll see a yellow bar Hive Knight protecting a chest. Kill it and open the chest to get a piece of Golden Age Tech. Then continue forward into Festering Halls and look for two Ogres at the beginning and end. Killing each will give you a chest. Once you have all three, you can move on.

Like the last step in Io, you’ll have to complete a strike, in this case Savathûn’s Song, to collect 25 Tech Fragments. Finish that up and talk to Sloane to check it off the list. As a bit of a halftime break, speak to Zavala, who will send you to part three.

Evacuate Mercury

Sensing a pattern yet? Head to Mercury and talk to Brother Vance to kick this leg off. You’ll complete three different missions here, starting with the A Garden World Strike. In addition to completing the strike, you’ll need to collect 15 Timeline Fractures by killing Cyclopeses, Hydras, and Minotaurs.

Then it’s off to the Tree of Probabilities Strike. Complete this while killing Cabal and collecting Traces of Osiris within the strike.

Finally, you’ll have to do the Bug in the System Heroic Adventure. There’s no collection aspect to this one, so just beat it and return to Brother Vance to say goodbye to Mercury.

Evacuate Mars

The final step is, fortunately, less repetitive than the rest. Talk to Ana Bray, who will ask you to talk to Rasputin. Travel through the Braytech Facility and head to the Mindlab. You’ll find a signal from Rasputin in the area.

Destiny 2 Mindlab

Now you’ll need to repair Rasputin’s frame by collecting five Shattered Frame Pieces. You’ll get them by defeating bosses in Escalation Protocol, so head to one of the two sites and start running waves. You’ll need to defeat five bosses in total to complete this.

Now for one last heroic adventure. This time, complete the Deathly Tremors mission and talk to Ana once you’re done. She’ll send you back to Zavala, who will congratulate you on a job well done with the Traveler’s Chosen sidearm.

This will take quite a bit of time to complete, but luckily you can finish it anytime before Beyond Light drops on November 10. Make sure to clear it out before then since all four planets will be locked into a content vault after that.

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