Destiny beta waves the Iron Banner for new, limited-time maps

Destiny the Game screenshot 1
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Players running around in Bungie’s ongoing Destiny beta get a special treat this weekend in the game’s Crucible, which is where all the PvP (competitive multiplayer) goes down. For a limited time, the game’s Iron Banner mode, which pits players against one another without turning off the “level advantage” stats boosts received from the campaign mode’s RPG progression, will be playable. Not just that, but it’s got two multiplayer maps that aren’t otherwise accessible during the beta.

The two maps are Rusted Lands, which featured into the game’s alpha, and Blind Watch, which offers players their first look at Destiny‘s take on Mars. The initial Iron Banner event ran on July 19 for two hours, starting at 2pm PT. Bungie later confirmed on the official Destiny Twitter feed that additional Iron Banner events would be staged today, July 20, at 2pm PT and 7pm PT.

All players in the beta receive a message when the Iron Banner event goes live, so just be online and watch for an update, then head to the Crucible with your highest-level character and your best gear equipped.

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