Everything you need to know about Destiny: The Taken King in 3 minutes

Just a year after the initial release of Bungie’s sci-fi MMO fighter Destiny, the makers are already back with The Taken King a new expansion from the hit title. It’s your chance to take on Oryx in an all new story campaign and battle on all new strike and crucible maps in this continuation of the franchise. Although, even with the new guardian sub-classes,  weapons, and more, many fear that The Taken King isn’t unique enough to go and purchase.

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In this first impressions video, avid gamer Joshua Smith brings an exclusive look at Destiny’s latest. Find out what to expect, what’s new, and if The Taken King is a title you’ll want to add to your game collection this fall. Will this Destiny expansion be the one for you, find out for yourself after watching this quick video.

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