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Everyone’s favorite Pokémon turns gumshoe in ‘Detective Pikachu’ trailer

POKÉMON Detective Pikachu - Official Trailer #1

If you’ve ever wanted Pokémon to walk among us, Detective Pikachu will give you a glimpse into what that world would look like next May. Judging by the first trailer, shown above, a world filled with pocket monsters would be both whimsical and somewhat frightening.

Detective Pikachu is an adaptation of the game of the same name and marks the first time Pokémon will appear in a live-action film. Taking place in Ryme City, 21-year-old Tim Goodman has long since dropped his dream of becoming a Pokémon trainer. When his private eye father goes missing, Tim runs into Detective Pikachu. As it turns out, Tim is the only human who can understand Pikachu’s English. Everyone else simply hears, “Pika! Pika!”

Detective Pikachu looks to be a wholesome buddy comedy with just enough edge to appeal to adults. Voiced by Ryan Reynolds, Pikachu doesn’t at all come off as he did in the game, where he was coffee-obsessed and sounded like he smoked a carton of cigarettes a day. Admittedly, it’s a bit weird hearing Deadpool embody everyone’s favorite Pokémon, but somehow it seems like it may work. Reynolds stars alongside Justice Smith (Tim Goodman), Rita Ora, Ken Watanabe, and Kathryn Newton.

Mr. Mime (Warner Bros. Pictures) Warner Bros. Pictures

As far as Pokémon go, the movie looks to largely feature first generation Pokémon. Pikachu himself is fluffy and adorable and just how you probably imagined him to be if he spawned in the real world. We see an odd looking Jigglypuff on a table in a restaurant, a pack of cute Bulbasaurs waddling through a riverbed, and a ferocious Charizard breathing fire. By far the weirdest Pokémon on screen is Mr. Mime, who appears to dwell in a dark basement. If that isn’t creepy enough, his facial expressions and demeanor are sure to make you feel a bit uneasy.

The Detective Pikachu game launched on 3DS last year. The puzzle-adventure game was surprisingly well-received for its humor, story, and presentation. While the history of video game movie adaptations is filled with disappointments, Detective Pikachu sure does look promising.

Detective Pikachu releases in theaters on May 11, 2019.

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