Diablo 3 beta testing on its way

diablo 3 betaLast we heard, Blizzard was trying to find a console producer for Diablo 3, meaning when the thing was finally finished PC and console gamers alike would finally get their hands on the game. It was interesting news, but without a timetable or launch date of any sort, there hasn’t been too much to get excited about.

At least until today, when Blizzard’s CEO, Michael Morhaime, announced a beta version would be available sometime between July and September. That’s a pretty large window, but one fans are likely to rejoice at considering that Diablo 3 was first announced nearly three years ago.

“The game is looking great,” Morhaime said in Activision’s earnings conference call this morning according to Kotaku, “and we’re currently aiming at a third quarter launch for external beta testing.” Internal testing began last week.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean we’re any closer to a product launch, which Morhaime confirmed: “I want to be clear that we do not have an official release date or window yet.” All the more reason to register at Battle.net – invitations to join the beta testing group will be sent out to various lucky members.

Diablo 3 game director Jay Wilson told the New York Times last month “We’re crunching. This is when the magic happens.” The company has explained the delay numerous times, claiming it will avoid any deadlines that sacrifice the game’s quality.

Blizzard’s annual event, BlizzCon is scheduled for October 22–23, which would be the perfect time to announce the release window for Diablo 3, but if Blizzard has taught us anything, it is that they won’t be rushed–just ask StarCraft fans.

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