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How to play the Frostpunk 2 beta

A frozen man with Liar written on his chest sits in front of oil rigs in Frostpunk 2.
11 bit Studios

We’re all awaiting the full release of Frostpunk 2 to give us some chills during the heat of the summer, but you don’t have to wait until July to go back to the Frostlands. Developer 11 Bit Studios is hosting a beta period where players can experience some of the game much earlier. This isn’t a regular open beta where anyone is free to download it and play with no restrictions. There is one big catch to gaining access, and even then, it is only available for a very limited time. Here’s what you need to know about the Frostpunk 2 beta and how to join it.

When is the Frostpunk 2 beta?

The Frostpunk 2 beta will run from 1 p.m. ET on April 15 through April 22. That will give you seven days with the game, but you’ll only be able to access a modified version of the sandbox mode called Utopia Builder Preview. No story missions or content will be available.

How to access the Frostpunk 2 beta

There’s only one way to get yourself a slot in the Frostpunk 2 beta, and that is to pre-order the Deluxe Edition. This normally costs $75, but is currently on sale on Steam for $67. The Deluxe Edition also includes access to three future DLC packs, 72-hour early access to the story mode, an exclusive item, a digital novella, and a digital artbook and soundtrack.

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