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Dreams goes into early access April 16. Here’s how to get in

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Media Molecule’s Dreams is shaping up to be one of the most exciting video games released in years, giving players the chance to build their own games using only a DualShock 4 controller and their imagination. If you’re interested in playing the game ahead of its full release, the Dreams early access period begins April 16. Here’s how you can get into it.

Unlike in the beta periods for Dreams, the game’s early access version will not be free. It’ll cost you $30 to play, and you must live in either the United States and Canada. Because of the regional restrictions, the game will be available in English and French at launch, but it’s possible that more languages will be added before its full release. The early access version also won’t feature PlayStation VR functionality, which is still planned for the future.

Media Molecule said in the announcement that the Dreams early access version is primarily aimed at creators looking to jump into its game development tools. It won’t feature the story mode, but will offer all of the game’s tools, as well as a limited amount of content created by Media Molecule itself.

Dreams- Early Access starts April 16! | PS4

What’s even better, however, is that if you purchase the early access version of Dreams at its reduced price, you’ll receive the full game for free when it’s available. The content and creations you’ve save in early access, as well as the beta, will carry over to the full version as well.

Despite being priced content, the Dreams early access version will have a limited number of players, though Media Molecule said it’s a “big limit.” Pre-orders are not available but the developer recommended purchasing as soon as possible on April 16 to guarantee your access.

The full version of Dreams doesn’t yet have a release date, but we’re extremely excited to get tour hands on it. Media Molecule developed all of the story content using the game’s own creation tools, and players have managed to make incredible content during the beta. One person even recreated the demo P.T., which was pulled from the PlayStation Store after Konami canceled Silent Hills several years ago.

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