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How to complete Fia’s questline in Elden Ring

FromSoftware games really put the “character” in NPCs. Sure, they may not make much sense when they talk to you, but just about every NPC you meet in their games has a history, goal, and story of their own that you can choose to participate in or not. Sometimes participation is obvious, like giving them an item or helping them in a fight, but most other times, you will have no idea what you can or should do to move a character’s quest forward — if you even can. Other times, you might just go about your business only to realize that you went too far in the game and it caused that NPC to move forward without you, possibly ending in their death.

Elden Ring has perhaps the most forgiving system for following NPC quests of any Souls game. Not only are they much more clear, at least for a FromSoftware game perspective anyway, but thanks to a patch, you can even locate them on the massive open-world map far easier to progress their stories. On the other hand, the scope of the game also allowed the developers to make quests far more complex and intricate, leading to some confusion being inevitable. For Fia, the Deathbed Companion’s quest, you will go on a journey all across the Lands Between. Let her hold you once last time if you like before we dive into how you can complete Fia’s questline in Elden Ring.

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How to complete Fia’s quest

Talking to Fia by a fire.

Fia is one of the earliest NPCs you can meet in Elden Ring. Once you gain access to your hub area, the Roundtable Hold, you can find her in the room behind Hewg the blacksmith sitting on her bed. You can talk to her and let her hold you if you want, but for the time being, there isn’t much else you can do to interact with her. You can talk to her a few times, but to really begin her quest, you also need to start Ranni the Witch’s quest.

Without going over an entire other NPC’s questline, you need to get the Carian Inverted Statue item and use it to progress through the Carian Hall in Liurnia. This will lead you to the Liurnia Tower Bridge, which you can cross and reach the Divine Tower of Liurnia and locate a body you can collect the Curesmark of Death from. Take this back to Fia at Roundtable Hold, where you will be able to have a secret conversation with her.

Picking up a curesmark from a corpse.

At this point, Fia will tell you some bits of lore and ask you to go return a dagger to its owner in a somewhat sinister way. First, make sure you’ve found D, Hunter of the Dead, and gotten him to appear in Roundtable Hold as well. If he’s already there, talk to him about the dagger. You can give it to him since he claims to know the owner and will deliver it himself. Leave the area, come back, and go into Fia’s room to continue the quest.

Well, D’s hunting days are over at this point. You will find him dead by Fia’s hand beyond the closed door, past Hewg. Fia will leave the Roundtable Hold, and the only way to track her down is to have moved Rogier’s quest far enough to get the note that tells you about D’s brother. Rogier explains that he can be found sleeping in “the aqueduct beside the Eternal City of Nekron. And it’s said he stood before the Prince of Death not far beyond that spot.”

To reach the Eternal City of Nekron, first head through the Siofra River to the Ancient Grounds Site of Grace. Rather than go deeper into Nekron itself, go north toward the aqueduct. You’ll know you’re in the right spot if you run into two crucible knights near the waterfall. Go left from here and you will find D’s brother at a dead end. Speak to him and move forward to a boss fight against a FromSoftware staple, two Valiant Gargoyles. Once you beat them, use the coffin at the end of the boss arena to reach a new area.

A knight fighting a giant gargoyle.

Now in the Deeproot Depths, you will have to carefully navigate a bunch of branches to hit the Across the Roots Site of Grace. Continue forward from here, through a hole in the wall and into a bit of a gauntlet against Fia’s champions.

Along with generic champions, you will also need to fight the spirits of Lionel the Lionhearted and Rogier. You’re outnumbered here again, but if you can take out her bodyguards, you will be able to reach Fia once again and talk to her. Show her the Curesmark of Death and talk again, learning more about her goals and plot with Godwyn. Either teleport away and come back or just rest at the Site of Grace, but return to Fia to get new dialogue and the option to Enter the Deathbed Dream, which you should do.

A knight facing off against a red and black dragon.

Ready for yet another boss fight? This is probably the toughest of the entire quest against the Lichdragon Fortissax. Thankfully, this is your final challenge for this quest. Overcome this demonic dragon and you will get the Mending Rune of the Death Prince, thus unlocking a new possible ending for the game and finally wrapping up Fia’s quest.

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