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Everything shown at PlayStation’s State of Play for July 2021

PlayStation’s latest State of Play stream was chock-full of news. As announced earlier this week, the State of Play’s big focus was a nine-minute showcase of Bethesda’s Deathloop. It was accompanied by indie game updates, along with a few new announcements. Here’s everything that was announced during the show.

State of Play | July 8, 2021 [ENGLISH]

Indie game updates and reveals

The stream started with a reveal trailer of Moss: Book 2 for the PlayStation VR. A look at multiplayer shooter Arcadegeddon followed, along with an announcement for its early access release. We also got an update on Tribes of Midgard‘s post-launch plans, which will include a new rune system, Saga Quests, and exclusive items.

We got a new look at F.I.S.T, a new beat-’em-up that stars a gruff anthropomorphic rabbit wielding a mech suit and is coming to the PS4 and PS5 on September 7. The PvE and PvP battle royale fighter Hunter’s Arena is coming to the PS4 and PS5 for PlayStation Plus members next month from August 3 to September 6.

The developers at Superbrothers shared a peek at its new game, Jett: The Far Shore, which seems to be an exploration-focused adventure that features on-foot and space travel.

Sega made its presence known during the event as well with a new hack-and-slash game based on the hit anime and manga title Demon Slayer. The game launches on October 5 for PS4 and PS5. It also gave a fresh glance at Lost Judgment and its English voice acting.

SIFU delay and details

One announcement that may come as a blow to viewers was the delay of SIFU. The heavily hyped game from Slocap was pushed back from a 2021 release to 2022. It still has no set date or even month window for launch as of yet.

There was a new mechanic shown off for the game. After each defeat players take in the game, they’ll return at an increased age. It’s unknown if this is simply an aesthetic change or if it affects gameplay as well.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut launch date

Death Stranding Director’s Cut was confirmed to be on the way by Hideo Kojima at E3 2021. Today, we got a release date and tons of new details on the game.

The game will hit shelves on September 24, 2021. The game features new story missions, battles, combat mechanics, and some very surprising add-ons that no one expected. PS5 players can upgrade their PS4 copy of the game to the Director’s Cut for $10.

Deathloop gameplay and story details

Deathloop – Official Gameplay Walkthrough | PS5

The main highlight of this State of Play was Deathloop, and it’s clearly looking to deliver a new shooter experience from Bethesda. Players control Colt, who is stuck on the island of Deathreef, where everyone is out to kill him. To leave the island and break the loop, Colt has to kill eight targets called the visionaries before the day repeats.

With the game being so focused on death and repeating actions, each loss will give you new chances to learn about your targets and the world around you. This also opens the door to tons of different possible ways to deal with enemies.

Players will be able to carry weapons abilities between loops thanks to the Residium material. However, players have to be smart about what they want to keep due to Residium being a rare resource. There is also Reprise, which allows players to die and rewind twice before the day’s loop restarts.

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