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Fall Guys becomes the most downloaded game in PS Plus history

The increasingly popular Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout can add another crown to its pile of victories. According to Sony, the indie battle royale game is now the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game ever.

Various PlayStation Twitter accounts announced the accolade on Wednesday morning, posting, “As of today, Fall Guys is the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time on a global basis.”

As of today, Fall Guys is the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time on a global basis.

Congrats to @Mediatonic!

— PlayStation UK (@PlayStationUK) August 26, 2020

Mediatonic’s hit game launched August 4 and was available as a free download for PlayStation Plus subscribers, the same strategy used for Rocket League, which went on to become an e-sports phenomenon. Fall Guys is on a similar trajectory, as it continues to dominate on streaming platforms like Twitch.

Topping PS Plus’ most downloaded list is no easy task. Earlier this summer, Sony released an infographic showing the top downloaded games over the service’s first decade. The list includes heavy-hitters like Destiny 2 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered.

PS Plus
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It’s not the indie gem’s first big accomplishment, either, less than a month into its release. The Fall Guys Twitter account — which is running a charity bidding war where brands and streamers are pledging huge donations to get a costume in the game — recently cracked 1 million followers. Currently, popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is competing with a bidet company for the top prize, but he’s joined by plenty of other companies and public figures.

Wacky, viral stunts like this have helped keep Fall Guys’ momentum going as Mediatonic continues to tweak the battle royale hit. The game’s most recent patch brought a host of fan-requested features to the game, such as removing team games from the minigame rotation when players can’t be placed on even teams.

The patch added some tweaks for PlayStation owners in the form of new control options, including the ability to invert the X/Y axis.

While the game continues to soar on the PS4 (and PC, where it’s also available), new platforms may be coming soon. The game is set to hit phones in China, where the mobile market dominates, and a recent data mine suggested that a Nintendo Switch release could be in the works.

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