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Fall Guys heads to the jungle tomorrow for Season 5

Departing from its neon-soaked futuristic fourth season, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the Wipeout-esque battle royale, is heading to the jungle. The game’s fifth season launches on July 20 with a heap of new themed costumes, rounds, and other events.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Season 5 Cinematic Trailer | PS4

Fall Guys developer Playtonic hasn’t given out any details of what players can expect in the game’s upcoming season, but PlayStation gave a solid idea of what to expect on Twitter. Along with a new trailer for Fall Guys Season 5, the tweet says that players can expect “six new rounds, events, and more.” The names of the new events and rounds coming to the game have not been revealed yet.

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While Playtonic has played coy with any information on Fall Guys‘ upcoming season, the trailer released today also gave some looks at the new content players can look forward to. First and foremost, the clip is full of new costumes that players can dress their running jelly beans up as. Alongside the required jungle explorer costume, it seems like players will also be able to pick up costumes that dress their characters as cowboys, pirates, pack llamas, and even mummies.

As for the game’s new rounds, today’s trailer was filled with hints, although they’re a bit vague. Naturally, all the maps players will be running through as part of the Season 5 update will be jungle-themed, but some will retain the usual Fall Guys style, such as one round shown that apparently has players fall down through a massive Pachinko board. Players can also expect to be chased by a rhinoceros at some point, and climb up an ancient temple to snag a crown.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently available on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC.

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