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Fall Guys gets a set of weirdly adorable Doom costumes

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is adding a new set of costumes based on the Doom franchise. The announcement comes after a string of recent teases that a collaboration was in the works.

The update adds at least three new costumes to the game on January 12. A trailer shows a bean dressed up as the Doom Slayer, while others appear in Cacodemon and Tyrant costumes. The Doom Slayer costume was previously teased in a tweet that showed the costume’s silhouette.

The costumes will only be available for a limited time, though Devolver Digital didn’t say how long.

Devolver officially announced the costume pack with a humorous trailer that shows the Doom beans facing off in a hellish version of one of the game’s obstacle courses. Despite the trailer, it doesn’t seem that any Doom level or additional content is coming outside of the costumes.

Fall Guys: Doom Costumes - January 12

This isn’t the first time Fall Guys has brought third-party characters to the game. Players can currently get iconic costumes based on Valve games like Half-Life. Fall Guys seems to be moving deeper in this direction, taking an approach similar to Fortnite. The popular battle royale game has maintained its popularity through partnerships in the past year that brought characters like Master Chief and The Mandalorian to the game. With Fall Guys’ dropping in poularity since its massive debut, a similar approach could help the indie game stay afloat.

Fall Guys is currently in its third season, which brings winter-themed content to the game. The latest update features seven new courses and over 30 new skins.

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