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Doom Eternal finally comes to Nintendo Switch on December 8

Doom Eternal finally has a Nintendo Switch release date. Bethesda’s long-delayed shooter will land on December 8, bringing some Switch specific features.

The game will only be available as a digital download after Bethesda canceled the game’s physical release earlier this month. Those who pre-ordered a physical copy can reach out to their retailer for refund information.

A new trailer for the Switch version reveals that the game features gyroscopic controls. Bethesda says that the control option is compatible with both the regular Switch and Switch Lite. The Switch version of 2016’s Doom also featured full motion controls on the Switch.

Bethesda says that the Ancient Gods: Part One DLC will not be available on Switch at launch. The company provided no firm release date and says it’ll share details at a later date. The Switch version still includes the full single-player campaign and the game’s multiplayer Battlemode.

Switch owners who purchase the game early will receive some extras. A Rip and Tear content pack will be added to the game automatically. That includes the classic Doom shotgun and a revenant skin for multiplayer. Pre-orders also come with a free copy of Doom 64. Players who order will receive an email with a download code for the game on Switch.

The Switch release comes just in time for The Game Awards, where the first-person shooter is nominated in multiple categories including Game of the Year. In our own review of Doom Eternal, we called the game “a ludicrous, gory, pulse-pounding masterpiece.”

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