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Fallout Shelter gets a huge update, hits Android

fallout shelter hits android falloutshelter2
Fallout Shelter serves as an excellent appetizer for the main course that is Bethesda’s Fallout 4, but it was previously only available on iOS devices. That changed today with the game’s launch on Android, and there’s a massive update to make its new platform debut even more exciting.

While fires and radroaches regularly cause mayhem inside the average Vault Dweller’s home, a few new dangers have been introduced. Mole rats and Deathclaws can now sneak into Vaults, and Bethesda says that they’re more likely to arrive if buildings are being constructed. Raiders, who previously only stole resources like water and food when they broke through a Vault’s defenses, will now steal Caps (your currency for almost everything in the game), and Bethesda recommends arming all of your Dwellers if you haven’t done so already; you might even want to station a few people right behind your Vault door.

To celebrate the game’s Android launch, all players, including those on iOS, will receive a robot butler named Mister Handy, described as a “friendly, entertaining alternative to tapping and collecting resources.” He’s a “premium” character, which are typically only available via the hard-to-obtain lunchboxes, given out for completing certain challenges or dishing out cold hard cash.

Some of the other updates are less noticeable. The requirements for daily objectives have been reduced to make sure you have enough Caps for the Raiders to steal, and floating characters should now have their feet squarely on the floor. Last, Bethesda admits that the “living quarters” area is actually too useful, resulting in population that outpaces a Vault’s capacity, and this has been tweaked to reduce the total number of births. I guess I’ll have to rename Steve Martin in my Cheaper by the Dozen Vault.

Are you going to try out Fallout Shelter on Android, or have you already been playing it for months on iOS? Let us know in the comments! If you’re a brand new Vault Administrator, check out our guide to get off to a great start.

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