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Here’s how you can complete ‘Far Cry 5’ in just a few minutes

Far Cry 5's secret ending

In what’s becoming something of a running gag, Ubisoft has included an Easter egg in Far Cry 5 that lets you complete it in about five minutes. The new open-world adventure doesn’t come out for a few days, so watch out for early story spoilers ahead, but PC Gamer has already discovered a secret ending at the very start of the game.

In the game’s intro, you join up with a federal agent and the rural sheriff to visit a shirtless cult leader in a church and take him into custody. As a rookie it falls to you to slap the cuffs on, much to the dismay of the local townsfolk. If you choose instead to just stand there for a few minutes, you eventually turn around and depart. Roll credits!

Ubisoft has pulled this trick before. In Far Cry 4, when you first visit villain Pagan Min, he steps out and you’re prompted to escape the villa and begin your epic adventure. If you choose to just sit quietly instead, Min returns after a few minutes and you get to lay your mother’s ashes to rest — the reason for your visit in the first place.

The newest Far Cry game takes place in the wilds of Montana, and this time you’re up against cult leader Joseph Seed and his band of murderous followers. We got our hands on an early version of the game last year and were impressed with the huge arsenal and the other characters you can recruit to help you in your quest. The game also allows co-op play with a friend through the entire campaign.

After the premise of the game was first revealed, creative director Dan Hay sat down with Digital Trends and revealed the reasons why the new entry in the series is set on American soil. “In this game, your own backyard is more interesting and more compelling and more scary than something you would pay to get on a plane to go to,” he said.

There was a bit of controversy about the game’s storyline, mostly on the lesser-traveled corners of the internet, calling it anti-American. The petition reads like a parody, but it’s undoubtedly representative of some people’s reactions.

There’s also a free full-fledged map editor included, where players can create maps and missions that even include various assets from other Ubisoft games

We’ll have lots more about the game when it’s released into the wild next week. Far Cry 5 releases for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, March 27.

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