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All Dominants and Eikons in Final Fantasy 16

As with most games across the past four decades of Square-Enix’s most popular role-playing franchise, Final Fantasy 16 sports plenty of gigantic summons based on various mythologies and religions. However, while these usually play a small part in the overall narrative of past Final Fantasy games, the newest game in the series brings them front and center as an integral part of its main storyline.

In the world of Final Fantasy 16, summons are known as Eikons, and each of these god-like beings possesses a host called a Dominant — a person who can summon the Eikon into the world and use their powers in battle. There are eight in total, and all of them play an important role in the intense and winding tale that Final Fantasy 16 weaves throughout its lengthy campaign.

We’ve listed all of the Dominants and Eikons here for you to reference, but keep in mind that this list will include some pretty major spoilers, especially in relation to some of the game’s earliest twists. If you’re still near the beginning of the game, or prefer to approach the story blindly, we recommend turning back now.

All Dominants and Eikons in Final Fantasy 16

Here are all eight Dominants and their Eikons.

Clive Rosfield – Ifrit

Clive is the game’s primary protagonist of Final Fantasy 16 and the second Dominant of Fire, though he is unaware of this fact until some time into the game’s main story. He is the Dominant of Ifrit – a towering fire demon with horns.

Joshua Rosfield – Phoenix

Clive’s younger brother, Joshua, is thought to be the only Dominant of Fire during the opening hours of the game, though that is soon shown to be false. Joshua is the Dominant of Phoenix – a spectacular fire bird that can take to the sky.

Cidolfus Telamon – Ramuh

Cidolfus (more commonly referred to as just Cid) is a secondary protagonist who wants to create a better world for those who have been treated poorly due to their magical abilities. He is the Dominant of Ramuh – an ancient mage wielding the power of lightning.

Jill Warrick – Shiva

Jill was raised with Clive and Joshua in her younger years, and after reuniting with Clive later in life, she often ventures with him on his journey. She is the Dominant of Shiva – an ice elemental with freezing attacks.

Benedikta Harman – Garuda

Benedikta is an elite intelligencer and controls great power in the kingdom due to her beneficial relationship with King Barnabas, making this antagonist a force to be reckoned with. She is the Dominant of Garuda – a wind-based creature who that wreak havoc on nature.

Hugo Kupka – Titan

Hugo is an antagonist and  economic adviseor of the Dhalmekian Republic who uses his power as the Dominant of Titan – a hulking earth giant with extraordinary strength – to influence and control the kingdom.

Dion Lesage – Bahamut

Dion is the Crown Prince of the Holy Empire, is known for being honorable, and is often referred to as the “King of Dragons.” He is the Dominant of Bahamut – an imposing dragon with immeasurable power.

Barnabas Tharmr – Odin

Barnabas is the King of Woloed, who is unable to resist the thrill of battle and conquering. He is the Dominant of Odin – a giant armored knight atop a steed.

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