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Where to get Cluster Clingers in Fortnite and how they work

Now that Chapter 5, Season 1 has kicked off, Fortnite players can start diving into an entirely new map to discover all of its secrets and try all of its weaponry. If you’re a fan of demolition and dishing out explosive damage, you may want to check out one of this season’s new additions: the Cluster Clinger. We’ll tell you where you can find them below and how to make use of them to get the drop on your opponents.

Where to get Cluster Clingers and how they work

Cluster Clingers can be found on the ground and in chests all across the island. Since they’re relatively plentiful, you’re likely to run across at least a few in most matches, making it easy to keep them on hand.

Cluster Clinger in Fortnite
Epic Games

When equipped and thrown, Cluster Clingers will stick to any surface they land on and eject smaller explosives in that spot. These individual explosives can dish out some hefty damage if they all manage to hit a foe, making the Cluster Clinger an excellent choice for pushing foes out from behind cover or finishing them off after a gunfight when you’ve exhausted your ammo reserves. They can also be incredibly useful for destroying walls, floors, and ceilings to quickly expose enemies or help you rapidly relocate in the middle of a firefight.

Considering how useful they are, we’d recommend keeping a slot open for Cluster Clingers in most matches to be sure you’re always prepared. Though they come with only two per pickup, you can carry a total of four at a time, so make sure you’ve always got a full stock before heading into battle.

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