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Fall Out Boy concert in Fortnite: start time, island code, and more

Fall Out Boy is the latest band to hold a concert within Fortnite. The band will be doing an encore of the set it performed at iHeartRadio’s ALTer EGO event in January, which included songs like Uma Thurman and Dance, Dance. It will all be taking place within one specific Fortnite Creative map. If you want to see Fall Out Boy perform this concert within Fortnite, this is when and how to see it.  

When is Fall Out Boy performing in Fortnite? 

Fall Out Boy’s encore ALTer EGO performance will be added to the in-game iHeartLand area starting at 7 p.m. ET today, February 3. It will remain in-game for two days, so you have a bit of time to see it if you can’t check it out tonight. 

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How to experience Fall Out Boy: An ALTer EGO Encore

To experience this Fall Out Boy concert, you’ll need to go to iHeartLand in Fortnite. That’s a themed metaverse within Fortnite Creative that you can access with the code 6144-7573-9391. It will air on the giant screen at State Farm Park, which you should see in front of your character as soon as iHeartLand loads. Simply boot up this Fortnite Creative Map over the next two days, and you’ll be able to see this encore performance for yourself. If you boot up early, you’ll see an advertisement for this event in the space where the concert will take place. 

What is Fall Out Boy: An ALTer EGO Encore? 

This is an encore performance of Fall Out Boy’s set from ALTer EGO, an alternative rock event held by iHeartRadio in January. During that set, Fall Out Boy performed Sugar, We’re Goin Down, Uma Thruman, This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race, My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark, Last of the Real Ones, Thnks ft th Mmrs, Centuries and Dance, Dance, and we expect the song lineup to be similar here.

This event takes place at iHeartLand, which is iHeartRadio’s Metaverse land inside Fortnite. Players can visit iHeartLand at any time and access a variety of minigames. The company also uses it for special events such as this one.

This is far from the only music-related event going on in Fortnite. Currently, The Kid Laroi’s Wild Dreams, another music-themed Fortnite Creative map, is featured in the game. 

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