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Fortnite Remedy vs Toxin challenge guide: Where to find food trucks

Fortnite chapter 2, season 1 has been extended to February, which means that players have to wait until then for the new map changes, battle pass, and more. Despite that, Epic Games is ensuring that players have new challenges to complete until then even though the weekly challenges for this season are done for as well as the Winterfest event.

Fortnite Remedy vs. Toxin challenge list

Fortnite Remedy vs Toxin Challenges

For this week in battle royale, we have the Remedy vs. Toxin challenges that take advantage of the skin available in the game. Completing these challenges will grant a special outfit style for the skin, so they are definitely worth completing for that.

You can find the full list of the Remedy vs. Toxin challenges below:

  • Visit three different food trucks
  • Earn three silver survivor medals
  • Get three SMG eliminations
  • Search seven chests at landmark locations
  • Reach full health and shields in two different matches
  • Deal damage with a common, uncommon, and rare weapon in a single match
  • Deal 2,500 damage to enemy structures
  • Visit three different bus stops in a single match
  • Achieve five weapon specialist accolades by dealing damage with weapons
  • Be the first to catch a fish, land from the battle bus, or get an elimination in a match

There are a lot of unique challenges to complete this week and one of these is finding the three food trucks on the map.

Fortnite food trucks challenge tips

For this challenge, players have to visit three different food trucks on the season 1 island. There are only three in total to find so you must visit all of them. Thankfully, you don’t have to go to them all in one match unlike the bus stops challenge so you take your time with this.

That said, they are relatively close to one another so it is possible to visit all three of them within the same match. If you are looking to complete this as fast as possible, we recommend that you do the Team Rumble mode.

Team Rumble offers plenty of time, respawns, and larger teams that allow you to be able to search for as long as you need. In addition, you can turn on Party Assist for this challenge to allow your teammates to help you find the food trucks. Divide up the task and you can get this done in one swift match.

Fortnite food trucks locations

Fortnite Food Truck Locations

The three food trucks can be found roughly on the northern half of the map. Check our screenshot above for the general locations of all three of them and below for the detailed descriptions of where to find them.

All three locations are known as landmark areas so approaching one will notify you on the screen that you are there. You can find the food trucks near Pleasant Park, Salty Springs, and Lazy Lake.

Pleasant Park food truck location

Fortnite Pleasant Park Food Truck

The Pleasant Park food truck is found directly north of the named location. It is right near the snowy caps here and is along the road that leads north out of Pleasant Park. It is known as the Durrr Burger food truck and is south of a group of houses.

When you find this food truck and any of the others, all you need to do is approach it close enough for the game to recognize you have visited it and notify you of such.

Salty Springs food truck location

Fortnite Salty Springs Food Truck

You can find the second food truck just south of Salty Springs. There is a road that leads out of the town south of it and has a bridge that goes toward Weeping Woods. Right near here is the Pizza Pete food truck that you need to visit.

Lazy Lake food truck location

Fortnite Lazy Lake Food Truck

The third and final food truck is found in between three named locations: Frenzy Farm, Lazy Lake, and Retail Row. It is right in the middle of Frenzy Farm and Lazy Lake, north of the latter. It is near the road that is south of the large river and is known as the Fork Knife food truck.

Fortnite food trucks challenge reward

The rewards for completing the Remedy vs. Toxin challenges are fairly similar to the normal weekly challenges from season one. Each challenge, including this one, will grant you a whopping 52,000 experience for completing it.

This is great for those players who are still playing through the current season 1 battle pass as it will level you up fast. But if you complete this challenge and others for a total of nine challenges, you will receive the purple style option for the Remedy vs. Toxin skin.

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