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‘Fortnite’ Playground mode will give players a space to strategize

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In a developer update, Epic Games shared a slew of changes coming to Fortnite, which include a new limited-time variant called Playground mode.

A proper Playground mode is something fans have been clamoring for, and soon it will become a reality. As per usual, you’ll board the Battle Bus and parachute down to the map. This time, though, you don’t have to worry about getting eliminated. Each time you die, you’ll respawn. Playground was devised as a way for players to test out new strategies, and practice building and combat.

You’ll find that resources will be more plentiful, and every treasure chest and ammo crate will be live on the map at one time. You can squad up with up to three friends for this scrimmage mode. Although friendly fire will be on, it seems to be in place more to help you and your friends practice battle maneuvers.

Alternatively, this will give players a prolonged duration of play to see what kind of exciting creations they can make with Fortnite‘s building tools. It’s safe to say that crafty players will use Playground as a spot to test out their most elaborate (and probably impractical) ideas.

For those who enjoy the 50v50 squad mode, Epic said its “currently evaluating keeping a larger squad mode live at all times for those who enjoy that type of battling more.” While Epic didn’t outright say 50v50 will become a permanent fixture, it sounds like a distinct possibility.

The developer update also highlighted a range of control updates. The Builder Pro configuration and Turbo Building should now always register quick piece changes and cancellations. Also, when editing your builds, you’ll soon have the option to turn off aim assist mode, which typically draws your aim onto the closest modifiable square.

Lastly, Epic is working on custom bindings for console players. This would allow players to map inputs, giving players total control of their experience. Fortnite is much easier to control on PC right now, so it’s nice to hear that console players may soon have extensive command over the game’s controls. No timetable was given for the custom binding update.

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